10:08 pm, Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I haven’t blogged in a while. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. Here are the highlights from the past two months:

  • Became a notary public.
  • Ryan moved out and quit his job.
  • Started two new 4th ed. D&D games (I GM one on Sundays and play in Matt’s game at Ed’s house on Fridays).
  • Got some awesome stuff for Xmas — a whole bedroom set, an iPod ghettoblaster, a signed copy of the Top Chef cookbook.
  • Had a ton of snow.
  • Made a new year’s resolution to always dress professionally for work (been keeping it so far).
  • Made a new year’s resolution to record every board game I play (also kept this one so far).
  • Got new living room furniture (two leather sofas, replacing the old big one).
  • Set up RAID 1 for my NAS.
  • Turned the extra bedroom into a game room (cleaned it really thoroughly, bought a table and chairs off craigslist, moved in some shelves and bureaus, put up a bunch of posters).

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging lately is that I’m twittering. It’s way easier, so I do it more frequently. Plus the 140-character limit discourages rambling. Here’s a widget that displays my four most recent “tweets”:
[removed due to changes in Twitter API]

4 Responses to “#963”

  1. Krunk:

    Haha, when you said “record every board game”, I thought you meant literally video record or record every move. ;p

    Saw your comment on my notary blog post. If I had known, I might’ve pinged you. :)

    Yeah, I’ve switched to twittering random links also. Basically stuff I didn’t feel that deserved their own posts, but wanted to share. You should look into the Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress where you can display your recent tweets on your side bar.

    There’s also an option to generate a blog post weekly or daily of all your tweets.

  2. JediBear:

    Amazingly, I still don’t “get” twittering.

    Why you would ever want to say anything to everyone but say that little…I just can’t see having a use for it.

  3. hjo3:

    It’s really only worth it if you have friends that use it regularly. I do, so I love it.

    Besides, the comment you just made is short and visible to the public. You’re practically twittering already!

  4. JediBear:

    blog comments are (usually) short and publicly visible, but they’re also directed (in response either to the original poster or to a previous comment,) and an expansion on a previous idea. Mine also tend to run well over 140 characters. Watch this next one for example.

    I think twittering is probably a logical outgrowth of another trend that I don’t get (very likely marking my onrushing cootism:) texting. While I was pretty quick to jump on the IM thing (and was very happy when most IM protocols allowed for longer messages,) the idea of sending small instant messages from a phone just strikes me as annoying and pointless. Especially when I get charged by the message. Even with a “full qwerty keyboard,” or the iPhone’s large (for a phone,) friendly, and configurable touch-screen, it’s just too small to type conveniently on. I’d generally rather use my phone to call someone. Or play tetris.

    Twittering is to text messaging roughly what blogs are to e-mail. in that context, I can almost understand them, if I could just wrap my brain around texting in the first place.

    Even so, Xanga has a similar feature (pulse) that I’ve probably only used once. The standard blog entry can serve the same function, but is much more flexible (since it can be longer.) Since I don’t blog from a phone or feel like spewing my every random thought on to the internet (or to my various friends,) twittering probably just isn’t for me. I’d get a lot less tetris played that way.

    Ultimately, I think I’d also see a drop in my productivity and the general quality of my discourse as well. Not that I blog enough that you’d notice it anymore. :P