1:01 am, Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I’m stuck at the clinic for twelve hours tonight while the floors get stripped and waxed. Apart from the sleep deprivation and ammonia fumes, it’s not bad. At least I’ve got wifi and a freshly downloaded Castlevania ROM in my NDS. Though tomorrow night (I get to do this again, yay) I’m bringing energy drinks. I’m barely awake and it’s only midnight.

Oregon was fun. Went to a lot of beaches, ate some good meals (oyster sandwiches, roast beef, crab pasta, sushi), heard a bunch of great stories from my grandpa about Korea, Vietnam, and his time in the merchant marines, debated religion with my grandma, and took lots of pictures. And the train ride on the Empire Builder 28 was very scenic. Here are some highlights:

The train ride:

Mountain near Columbia river   Mist over hills near Columbia   Moon & mist near Columbia   Portland train station 1


Sea lions at Newport, OR 2   Yaquina Bay Bridge 2   Harbor at Newport, OR 1   Fish at Oregon Undersea Gardens

On Highway 101:

Beach near Yachats 3   Patch of sunlight out in the ocean   Rocky outcropping near shore   Umpqua River Lighthouse 1

Coos Bay (and surrounding areas):

My grandpa's boat 2   Boat cruising by the shipyards   South end of Sunset Bay 1   Quiet stream near Sunset Bay 2

Charleston marina 2   South Cove 2   South Cove 1   Bastendorf beach, sunny & hazy

And some neat bugs, food, etc.:

Drydock spider 2   Tiny red beach spider 1   Lunch at oriental restaurant in Coos Bay   Elk near Elkton, OR 2

‘Course there’s tons more in the 2008 Oregon Trip set.

After I got back some stuff happened, but I forget what cuz I didn’t bring my notebook with me. Haven’t uploaded those pictures yet. I do remember Hanwool came down again; that was a lot of fun. There was much board gaming and drinking. A new, ruinous form of Jenga was invented. Sadly he might not be back till spring due to pass conditions.

The house next door (this time on the west side) is getting built really quick. The neighbors in the other one are doing some landscaping and fence-building. Did I mention them? Older couple, very nice, moved in like three weeks ago. The guy has a couple brothers in the area, one lives just a few blocks away. Been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 (I’m obsessed with payload maps ATM). Beat World of Goo. Tried (and disliked) Spectraball.

That’s all I can think of for now. More later.

4 Responses to “#961”

  1. Amy:

    whoa hank! spider warning plz! i almost had a coronary. j/k it’s a risk i have to take when cruising the internet, especially before Halloween.

    so nice to see pictures of the Oregon coast, most of my childhood family vacations were taken there.

    you are so lucky to have grandparents still! you should share their stories!

    also… you must have the coolest grandma ever if you can debate religion with her!

  2. JediBear:

    Pretty much ditto Amy here. Except for childhood vacations to the Oregon coast.

    Though, of course, lately I’ve been managing my arachnophobia pretty well. That red spider (no idea what it is either) is pretty cute. That’s a nice shot of it.

    Spider identification can be pretty problematic, especially given the sheer proliferation of species and how much bad info there is out there. At that kind of size, it’ clearly no kind of threat.

  3. mom:

    blog old a stale, need new and fresh. you did get a new phone, you could talk about it.

  4. mom:

    blog needs some serious updating. Oh and will there be a 2009 Iron Man Blogging Contest??????????????? You may need to get in shape for it.