1:05 am, Saturday, October 4th, 2008

The sod is all in! Pics in the Landscaping the New House Flickr set. It was a lot of hard work. My parents and Brett helped a ton. Most of me still aches. But it’s done. Now I just have to finish the fence and a little brickwork and the exterior projects will be finished.

It’s a good thing we got it finished before the 7th. In the city of Pasco you have to meet certain landscaping requirements within 90 days of the start of occupancy. Pasco Municipal Code

At least 50 percent of the required front yard area for all residential property including right-of-way but, excluding driveways, shall be treated with live vegetation.

I took some photos of a praying mantis today. Flickr thumbs:

Green Mantis 3   Green Mantis Head-On   Green Mantis 1   Green Mantis 2

Also, Jones, Heather, and I did some pumpkin carving.

Oh, and after three weeks (a month?) of delays, we’re finally resuming our Saturday night D&D game! I love 4th edition. For what D&D is supposed to be — easy, fun, single genre, and coarsely granular — it’s fantastic. Right now I’m running an 8th level human wizard (“Malfeasance”) in Jones’ Forgotten Realms game. The rest of the party is made up thusly: Logan’s a dragonborn warrior, Matt’s a human warlord, Heather’s an eladrin ranger, and Freddy’s a tiefling rogue. It’s been awesome so far. There were some minor issues with slow combat early on due to sloppy record-keeping, but we had those ironed out by session three.

3 Responses to “#959”

  1. mamahughes:

    Wow! the landscaping looks terrific. Want to work at our house!! ;)

  2. hjo3:

    Haha, thanks! And also, no. Very, very no. :)

  3. JediBear:

    We tried 4th Edition right around when it came out. The group fell apart because of a string of cancellations, but I did play long enough to realise that I don’t really like it.

    It has some nice features, and you’re right that it’s what DnD is supposed to be. There’s only one small problem.

    I actually don’t like what DnD is supposed to be. It bothers me. Stripping away Third Edition’s baggage and implementing features designed to improve its suitability just made that more glaringly obvious. Add to that that fantasy is actually a secondary genre for me, and DnD still just doesn’t interest me that much.

    Of course, that sort of thing doesn’t stop me from having fun these days, so if you need another member for your Saturday-night group…

    Honestly, I don’t know. Saturday’s four hours of EVE and four hours of WoW after four hours of sleep. I might have a little trouble making it, but I’d think about it.