1:42 pm, Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

The trees are planted! Digging the hole for the sweetgum in the front yard was horrible — the dirt was just shy of becoming sandstone. But it’s done. I put a mix of mud and manure (my mom brought me some primo stuff from the arena next to the barn) at the bottom of each hole; I think that’ll help a lot. Here’s a Flickr link to the photos.

Oh yeah, and I built an HTPC during the summer — got most of the parts for my birthday. This Flickr set has pics and stats. It only has an 80 GB HD, but that’s okay cuz it streams everything off the 750 GB NAS. That Antec case (Fusion 430) is so fantastic to work with; quiet, sturdy, compartmentalized. Next time I rebuild my main system I think I’m going to use another one of those. It’d be nice if they made one without the VFD and volume knob, but with the thick aluminum bezel and a second external 5.25″ bay.

K, gotta run to the bank. 4,800 sq. ft. of sod arrives tomorrow!

4 Responses to “#958”

  1. Amy:

    The trees look great! are you going to give them tree sweaters (i don’t know the real name for it) for the winter since they are so young?

    RE:HTPC: it looks really slick! so do you use that and then have another computer on the side for gaming, blogging etc?

  2. hjo3:

    Thanks! Nah, the nursery guys said they just need stakes or guywires to protect against possible strong winds.

    Re: HTPC: Oh, duh, I shoulda said HTPC stands for “Home Theater PC.” It’s used almost exclusively for downloaded TV and movies and DVDs. We have some emulators on there too. It’s connected to the TV 24/7; I have a main system for normal computer use (blogging, games, etc.).

  3. Hecatomb:

    Welcome back, Mate! Good to see that you’re still alive, and have thus far survived the rigors of brutish manual labor.

  4. hjo3:

    Thanks, Justin! Good to hear from you!