8:59 pm, Monday, September 29th, 2008

It’s been a while since I last posted. Rather than write a massive post recounting all of what’s happened in the last two months, I’m going to ease into things.

Been super busy with the new house. The past few weeks have been mostly irrigation work for me. Running the ditcher, digging out the short spurs by hand, gluing pipe, wiring the valves, burying everthing. It’s almost complete now; all I have left to do is fill in the hole around the valve/manifold box. The coverage is really good — we used way more individual sprinklers than the professionals used on nearby houses. More overlap. I started out wanting to do the whole thing with PVC but quickly changed my mind — PVC mainlines with funny pipe risers work so much better. Only downside is attaching the funny pipe connectors is murder on your hands. Seems like a good way to induce arthritis.

Also poured some curbing for the fence and the brick walkway out front. See, there’s a 5′ x 22′ area next to the driveways on most of these houses that gets walked on a lot. Two cars in the driveway leaves very little room for foot traffic. Some of my neighbors have filled their gap with concrete, gravel, flagstones. A few have done plain red brick, but always in a basketweave pattern. I used a herringbone pattern and four different colors of Holland pavers for mine. Here’s the finished product:

Brick walkway, herringbone pattern

Picked out trees at Job’s nursery today. I got an American Sweetgum for the front yard and a Shirofugen Cherry and Lavalle Hawthorn for the backyard. Also got five boxwoods for the front of the house, along the southern wall of Jones’ room.

2 Responses to “#957”

  1. Amy:

    The herringbone looks beautiful, great work! Welcome back! exclamation!

  2. hjo3:

    Thanks! Your comment was what prompted me. BTW, planted trees today. Pics tomorrow if I’m still alive.