1:16 am, Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I scanned and printed so many documents today. Stuff for the mortgage. I probably saved like seven bucks by not going to Kinko’s. Worth it? Yes, but only because I had Panic at the Disco’s new album on looped shuffle. Man, it’s nothing like their first album but I love almost all of it. She Had the World is such an awesome song.

I downloaded Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 for the Wii virtual console yesterday. Unfortunately, every time I tried to play it my TV would act like it was changing inputs and I’d get nothing but a black screen or, at best, a very faint outline of the opening menu. Sound worked fine, but no display. I called Wii tech support and, after a lot of menu navigation (why is there no clear option for “my virtual console game doesn’t work”?) I got a very friendly, competent Canadian. (“Zed” instead of “zee.”) Turns out some of the Neo Geo games run at 240 lines of resolution which some TVs can’t handle in HD/EDTV mode, so they blank out. But there’s a secret fix to force the game to display at 480 lines: Start the game. Once it’s loaded, press the home button and select Operations Guide. At this screen, plug in a nunchuk attachment and press Z+A+2 at the same time. Bam, 480-line mode!

Anyway, Metal Slug is very cool. Great graphics and animation. Can’t believe I’d never played it till now.

Last Friday I was pretty bored. Jones was sick and Logan and Amanda were tied up with the Friday Night Magic tournament as usual (too many interruptions for proper gaming), so I went to see a movie. I had to choose between Kung Fu Panda and Zohan; the Rotten Tomato scores were 84% and 34%, respectively, so I went with the panda movie even though it looked pretty lame to me. I think the ads grossly misrepresent it — it was much, much better than I was expecting. Not quite as good as Horton Hears a Who!, but very close. There’s an exceptionally awesome three-minute 2D-animated opening sequence where the panda fights off entire armies of evil dark things. That alone was worth the price of admission.

The rest of the movie is great, but I don’t think it made as big an impression. My only major complaints are that Dreamworks cheats a little with their modeling — Po’s patchwork pants that behave like neoprene, complex objects represented by elaborate textures on simpler forms — and some of the voice acting choices were too weird. Like, why was Monkey voiced by Jackie Chan? He says five words in the whole movie and the accent is jarring since he’s literally the only character that has one. And David Cross as the crane just felt surreal. Jack Black was great though.

I also watched Michael Clayton on DVD. It was meh/okay. Decent, I guess. They dribbled out the clues a little too slowly for my liking.

A couple pics:

Buffalo steak with potato    Dining area, chandelier, carpet

On the left, buffalo (well, bison) steak and a baked potato. This is all from the co-op in Moscow. I wasn’t really wowed by the freshness or quality of anything except the sour cream. I got this weird organic brand that I hadn’t seen before. The stuff is fantastic; it’s more like cream cheese, really. Kind of sweet, very light. On the right, yet more house progress! (Anyone sick of hearing about this yet?) It’s all in the Flickr set. It’s amazing how much quieter the house is with the carpets installed.

Boy, gas has shot up lately. It was $4.14 at the Road 68 Shell station when I left Pasco. Pullman still has to catch up; the Safeway has it at $4.05. I think last week was the first time I had personally seen prices higher than $3.99. Hard to believe it was like $1.15 when I was in highschool.

Been catching up on my comics. Jack of Fables vol. 2 was awesome. KoDT #137-139 less so. Still have the latest Fables and Incredible TPBs to get through. Walking Dead vol. 8 is taking forever to come out.

Here’re some neat images that caught my fancy on the imageboards today:

Venture Bros. art    3Dish graffiti    Bomber over Golden Gate bridge

Gotta get up early tomorrow. Heritage wants to show the apartment again in the morning. Also have a metric buttload of packing to do.

4 Responses to “#953”

  1. Krunk:

    I’m not sure if the 2D opening sequence in Kung Fu Panda is the same as the one that’s hosted on Yahoo: Animated Comic Book.

    As for Metal Slug, I’ve been a fan of it ever since I played it at the arcades, though its definitely a quarter monster.

  2. Peter:

    Hard to believe it was like $1.15 when I was in highschool.

    My parents have a picture of me at my Kindergarten graduation, and I’m convinced they keep it not for the memories of my graduation, but the picture of the gas station sign in the background with the price of a gallon of gas at 0.989 :P

  3. Chuk:

    It’s a little known fact, but we Canadians are excellent at tech support.

  4. hjo3:

    lol, Chuk.

    Re: Animated comic book: Interesting. It’s not the same as what’s in the movie; this one looks like a cheaper Flash version made with minimal effort on the part of the animator.

    Re: gas: Hah! Surprising that it stayed so stable for so long. You must’ve been in kindergarten in like, what, 1988 or so? I was a junior in highschool in ’98.