5:24 pm, Friday, June 6th, 2008

I’m briefly in the Tri-Cities again. I swapped my car for my parents’ big truck on the last trip; managed to get Brett’s dresser, the big recliner, a bookshelf, a TV and lots of boxes transferred down here. Moving is always awful, but this isn’t as bad as the Fed Way/Pullman move was.

The house is practically finished. All they need to do now is finish the sliding doors on the shower, take the paper off the skylight, clean up their messes, fix a vent cover, adjust the cabinet doors (uneven in spots), put on the pulls and knobs, etc. Minor stuff. I’d post pictures, but the computer I’m on doesn’t have an SD card slot.

Heritage Realty has started showing our apartment to people. You have to love that they notify you only twenty-four hours in advance via notices taped to your front door. Classy. I hope the prospective tenants get a good look at the room with all the flood damage. It’s been six months and Heritage, in true slumlord fashion, still hasn’t fixed it. I posted a little notice of my own to remind them; nothing libelous, just facts. “This is the room that flooded in December 2007. It’s been preserved just as your contractor left it, right down to the torn up carpet. I’ve repeatedly asked you to fix it but nothing has been done.”

Anyway, I’ve been building computers and doing insurance stuff. Turns out Newegg has an exceptionally awesome return policy; can’t believe this is the first time in four years and forty-eight orders that I’ve ever had to RMA something with them.

6 Responses to “#952”

  1. Logan:

    Are you moving stuff into the new house already, or is that frowned upon until everything is absolutely done with it?

  2. Amy:

    hmm, Heritage sounds alot like our slumlords Merrit Properties! the bathroom has a black mold infestation and my allergies are killing me! after three years they finally came out to look at it and now are wary about replacing, which is exactly what needs to happen for the mold to stop. I mean, the mold is in the walls people!!!

  3. hjo3:

    Frowned upon. It doesn’t have a Certificate of Occupancy and it’s not technically paid for yet. But I think I might be able to get in there a teensy bit early, like by June 16th instead of the 20th.

  4. Logan:

    That’s too bad…moving it twice kind of is a bummer. I thought maybe they decided to be uber nice and let you start moving stuff into the garage. If you need any late night moving help, let me know.

  5. hjo3:

    Hey, thanks!

  6. hjo3:

    Sorry Amy, Akismet decided you were spam for some reason. Just now corrected it. 3 years, yeesh!