5:12 pm, Monday, June 2nd, 2008

I’ve been in the Tri-Cities all week, so I don’t have any food pics to share. But here’s a cool dune buggy I saw in the parking lot of the Pasco Wal-Mart:

Dune Buggy 3/4 view    Dune Buggy side view    Dune Buggy rear view

Last Saturday we played games at Adventures Underground. One of the Magic players, Scott, joined us. We did Catan (Scott won, though we messed up the rules a little due to all of us being so rusty), Ticket to Ride (I trounced everyone with 131 pts.), and Streetcar (I won, but it was extremely close). Pics:

Settlers of Catan boardgame    Ticket to Ride boardgame    Streetcar boardgame

House stuff: All the linoleum flooring is in (bathrooms, utility room, kitchen/dining), counters are in, cabinets/drawers are in, carpets are on site (but not installed), and appliances have been delivered. As usual, here are a couple highlights. (Everything else, in full five-megapixel glory, is in the Flickr set.)

Kitchen cabinets and counters    Master bath counter and linoleum flooring

Been working on this major upgrade at the clinic. New hardware for all the non-DR computers, much OS updating, a new wireless network, and a significant update for the practice management software. Also sorted out some of our biometric timeclock trouble. Funny story about the big database migration: The developer promised it’d take less than five hours; it ended up taking more than three days. Also, a workstation died shortly after its upgrade (dead mobo or CPU), so I get to fix that when I next return. Anyway it’s all been a ginormous PITA.

Saw a bunch of movies. Here’re my pico-reviews: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (decent; neat special effects, way too long, annoying CG mice), Nine Months (okay; basically a crappier, ’90s version of Knocked Up), Four Weddings and a Funeral (great movie, but Andie MacDowell is a feckless slut and I thought it was lame that Hugh Grant chose her at the end), Diary of the Dead (very mediocre; horrible acting, clichés upon clichés), Meet the Fockers (meh, but Blythe Danner’s always awesome), and Cloverfield (really awesome).

(The preceding blog stuff was written two days ago. I couldn’t post it because I was getting funky MySQL errors. I’m still getting the errors on some things, but it looks like I can post anyway now. The following text was written today.)

Alright, I’m just about to head back to Pullman. Today’s been wicked busy. Some good news on the house though: My home owner’s insurance is going to be much less than I was expecting — with all my deductions and a $1,000 deductible, it’ll be about $25/month. I thought it’d be around $80; even my mortgage guy projected $35 (which I thought was extremely optimistic).

I saw Horton Hears a Who! last night. I wasn’t expecting much because a lot of reviews I’d been exposed to talked about it “dragging” and being a little dull but worthwhile, etc. But it was fantastic. I think it might be the second or third best movie I’ve seen this year. The animation is all wonderful. I love how they shorthand the detail where it’s unnecessary, like on dirt paths, leaves, and the sides of buildings, but build it up into something absurdly overwrought where it pays off, like with the molting feathers on Vlad the vulture. I also loved the Avery/Jones-ish elasticity of the characters; that’s one thing Dreamworks seems to do better than Pixar, IMO. ‘Course, that’s probably easier to do when you’re working with people like Jim Carrey who’s practically a cartoon already. Oh, and the two 2D sequences were great. It’s so cool when movies mix media like that — like the brownie song in Reefer Madness or the rhino story in The Ten. Anyway, I don’t think it dragged at all. Every minute of it was enjoyable for me.

Oh yeah, the IMBC ended yesterday! Congratulations, Dennis Lever! We’re having a trophy made. We’ll be doing those every year from now on, though who knows if the design’ll stay consistent. I’ll post pics when it’s ready (and hopefully Dennis will give us a victory shot with it after we ship it to him). Anyway, thanks to Tim for helping organize the 2008 IMBC and Beefy and Jones for serving as auxiliary organizers!

Okay, I gotta go. Lots to do. I’ll try to blog more in Pullman.

6 Responses to “#951”

  1. Krunk:

    I saw Cloverfield recently and it was definitely an interesting movie, though I do have to say at times the guy holding the camera should probably be using both hands (i.e. crossing over the sky scraper), leaving none free to shoot the camera.

    As for the trophy, you should make it one of those where there’s only 1 trophy, but each year you engrave a new winner onto the plaque (sort of like the Stanley Cup).

  2. Logan:

    No review of Repo Man, or have you already repressed that memory?

  3. hjo3:

    Re: Repo Man: OMG, yeah I did. What an awful, awful film.

    Re: Stanley Cup trophy: That would be really cool, but it’s possible that a flaky person will win the IMBC someday. I.e., someone who wouldn’t return the plaque the following March.

    Re: Cloverfield: Ah, good point. I think the effect was worth the slight inconsistency though.

  4. Logan:

    A small price to pay for when our tastes align and you get another gem out of me without wallowing through thousands of filth movies yourself. Also, I still think you need to watch that movie again.

    Also you should ask Jones what he thinks about Cloverfield…or at least the first fifteen minutes when he wasn’t in the bathroom puking.

  5. Logan:

    Define “blog more” in blog form please.

  6. OldManLever:

    Hey Hank! Pat just told me abut the trophy. That’s awesome! You’ll definitely get a picture.

    And I’m sorry you didn’t like Diary of the Dead. I have to admit the dialogue was horrible in some spots. Definitely not the best zombie flick out there, but I liked it better than Land of the Dead.