11:34 pm, Friday, May 23rd, 2008

I was thinking about numbering these posts in Roman numerals after I hit #1,000. I wonder if that’d be confusing for people. If I were doing that now, this would be post #CML. Most folks wouldn’t make the connection, right? They’d think I was referring to chronic myelogenous leukemia or something. Meh.

Since I’ve been getting up really early for the past few weeks I’ve been making breakfast more. So far it’s been the same thing each time: Three eggs sunny side up (peppered), two strips of bacon (cut into four pieces), two slices of toast (also cut into four pieces). My mom taught me a great way to fry eggs a long time ago; you cook the bacon, remove it, then plop the eggs into the grease they leave behind. Then you turn the heat up, pepper ‘em, pour in a little hot water, and cover. The steam cooks the tops of the eggs so you get a nice runny yolk but no runny whites. Anyway, a couple pics:

Eggs, bacon, toast 1    Eggs, bacon, toast 2

Yesterday Brett and I had lunch at Old Peking Restaurant in Moscow. It wasn’t great, but at least it was cheap. Low quality meat, nice wait staff. Golden Teriyaki, here in Pullman, is better. And New Garden has both of ‘em beat.

Today we got haircuts. I made an appointment with Brandon this time cuz last time I took my chances as a walk-in and wound up with this nose-ringed girl who couldn’t make things even and missed small chunks on the sides (I always get the sides clipped with a #2 guard and she went too wide around my ears leaving these tufts that were ~3/4″ longer than the surrounding hair; I had to fix it with scissors myself). Worse still, she took forever. That’s why I like Brandon: He’s accurate and fast. I timed our respective haircuts and mine was shorter by 7 minutes. And we get almost the same style (his is just a little shorter on top).

After the haircuts we had lunch at Swilly’s. I can’t believe it’d been more than a year since I’d last eaten there. I had a roast turkey sandwich with cranberry chutney and havarti, a cup of shrimp bisque, and real lemonade. It was extremely good. We need to go there more often.

Been reading The Authority lately. It’s pretty awesome. Not Fables awesome, but good. More on the same level as Top Ten. I’m nearly done with the Transfer of Power TPB, which is the last one before they restarted the series with Robbie Morrison. If you read the first collection, BTW, get the individual trades and not the “Absolute Authority” hardcovers — vol. 2 leaves out issues #23-26. (How can they call it “absolute” when it’s missing four issues?) Check out this panel I scanned from #20:

The Authority #20 - renegade Doctor explodes

Neat picture, huh? That’s from when Swift flies through the renegade Doctor at supersonic speed. Reminds me of one of our Theomundi GURPS games — Zephyrus was stalking Phobos in Toronto and attacked him in the same way (only he was also wielding a magic knife at the time). Amusing addendum to the above panel: The renegade Doctor recovers!

Wow, the IMBC is still going! It’s been like 53 days now. Pretty impressive.

Some major house progress the past few days — it’s painted (!), the doors are all on (even the garage door), and the kitchen cabinets are being installed. Here’s a highlight (more in the Flickr set):

House painted

I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Tuesday. It was good. All the characters were awesome except the protagonist. His face creeps me out; he looks like Michael Rapaport. Also whines too much. Oh, and I didn’t realize till halfway through that the titular girl is Mary Lane from Reefer Madness! She’s great. And Paul Rudd was hilariousadorable as usual.

Not much else to report. I’ll be in the Tri-Cities tomorrow. Also: Picked up an ultra-keen action figure. Kay, time for bed.

4 Responses to “#950”

  1. Krunk:

    You forgot Kristen Bell? She was Veronica Mars and Elle in Heroes!

  2. Peter:

    They’d think I was referring to chronic myelogenous leukemia or something.

    That’s exactly what I was thinking.


  3. Amy:

    I couldn’t even bring my self to see the movie because of that guy’s face! Yeah Michael Rapaport and Brad Garrett.

    The house looks great! I can’t wait to see what you do with the kitchen!

  4. OldManLever:

    Great scanned pic! I think I may have to check out The Authority. Lovely artwork, even for such a grotesque image.