9:28 pm, Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Food first:

Boneless pork ribs, veggies and dip    Chicken, spinach, cream pesto fettucini    Hot wings and sauce

Left to right: Today’s lunch — boneless pork ribs (with dry rub and BBQ sauce), celery, carrots, ranch dip; fresh fettucini with chicken, spinach, and a pesto cream sauce; extra-big hot wings with ranch/mustard sauce.

House progress update: The drywall has been taped, patched, and textured; the driveway, front walk, and back patio have all been poured (sidewalk still pending). Some highlights (rest is in the Flickr set):

Concrete walkway    Dining room at sunset

I’ve been taking these 1-2 mile walks every morning at 6:00 AM for the past week. The impetus for this was getting some really awesome new headphones and waking up so early with nothing to do. I took my camera along a couple times; added some more shots to my Houses on Pioneer Hill set. Usually I walk up to Lawson Gardens, then head west towards Kamiaken. I change my route every time, but I always hit Lawson Gardens. It has this bench near the water tower with a really fantastic view. I took a photo of it (the view, not the bench):

Lawson Gardens in Pullman, WA

A couple weeks ago we got a really terrific remote (a Philips Prestigo) on Woot. Super good deal — it was at least $30 more everywhere else I checked. Here’s what’s so boss about it: It has a backlit LCD screen and a sensor in the bottom that lets it “learn” IR signals from other remotes. You can program the new commands into main buttons or the LCD menu. I’ve been able to consolidate all my old remotes — the Prestigo now controls the TiVo, the receiver (audio), the TV, and the Xbox (which I use mostly for watching DVDs).

Phillips Prestigo remote

Been playing Mario Kart Wii a lot lately. This is my favorite Wii game. Some screenshots:

Mario Kart Wii screen    Mario Kart Wii licenses

See? I filled up my license with all gold on the 50 and 100 cc cups. 150 cc is deadly hard though. Right now my favorite vehicle is Luigi’s mach bike. I know people say you can play this way better with the virtual console controller, but I think it’s more fun with the Wiimote steering wheel. The online play is great too. My only complaint is that a lot (well, like 15%) of people seem to be obsessed with the Star Road track, which I loathe (Maple Treeway FTW). But that’s not so bad because the voting system keeps the map rotation pretty balanced.

Okay, I gotta go. I have lots more to blog about, but I’m way tired. Here’s an awesome music video: Of Montreal – Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games. Oh, and a picture I drew of Jack Handey’s flag. Kay, time for sleep.

4 Responses to “#949”

  1. BRB:

    It’s Rainbow Road, not Star Road. Gah.

  2. Chuk:

    My favourite controller so far is the Gamecube one, actually, although I like the concept behind the Wii-el.

    (We got the Harmony One remote for Christmas — learns if you need it to but whatever you have is probably in the database. Plus, touch screen.)

  3. hjo3:

    Wow, the Harmony One looks awesome. A bit out of my price range for a remote, but very cool.

  4. Logan:

    Amanda’s brother got us one of those last Christmas…we returned it and bought a bunch of DVDs since we have a whopping two components, and you can pretty much turn the TV on with your toe from anywhere in the living room.