8:58 pm, Monday, May 5th, 2008

Haven’t felt like blogging lately. Dunno why I’ve been dreading it; it’s not like it’s hard. Constructing sound arguments in Nomic is way harder. Speaking of which, that’s an awesome game. I’d love to play a five-person game of it in real life. But I don’t think it’d be easy to come up with that many willing players. Most of my friends seem to dislike the rules-lawyering aspect of games and Nomic is nothing but rules-lawyering. Plus you have to read and write a lot which aren’t some folks’ fortes. But online MeFiNomic is still lots of fun.

Anyway, here’re some dinners I made in the past week:

Steak, baked potato, salad, Diet Squirt  Meatball subs  Chicken cordon bleu, quesadillas, salad  Steak, baked potato, broccoli

Left to right: New York strip steak, loaded baked potato, and salad; meatball subs with especially fresh mozzarella; chicken cordon bleu, salad, and Jarlsberg quesdilla; New York strip steak, loaded baked potato, broccoli.

My mom’s formerly-pregnant Weimaraner, Maui, had her puppies last month. On tax day, actually. Three boys. Here’s a small photo:

Maui and her puppies

In case you’re not familiar with purebred/show dog stuff, they usually have fancy AKC-registered names that only show up in pedigrees and show paperwork. Like, my dog’s full name is “Ch. Amsburg’s Made-U-Look,” but we just call her Looker. And these names are frequently part of a “litter theme,” like spies, Beach Boys songs, wines, etc. So, in honor of April 15th, my mom went with a financial theme. Brett and I made suggestions and she used ‘em! So these puppies are Grayhaven’s Qualified Dividends (mine), Preferred Stock (Brett’s), and Capital Gains. Cool, huh?

More progress on the house: The drywall is up! It’s all in the “Construction of House in West Pasco” Flickr set, as usual. And here’s some other stuff I recently uploaded:

  • Clover Island/April 2008 — Jones and I went out by Clover Island to help Heather photograph the Cable Bridge. (Well, we mostly just sat around and talked while she did antiquated-camera stuff.)
  • London/June 2002 — Thirty photos from a family vacation.
  • X-ray pics — Radiographs Jones and I did after a lengthy re-calibration of the DR plate.

I got a pair of these Injinji tetratsoks (in “sand”) to wear with my FiveFingers. They’re awesome. I want to get some more, but $12 is a little much for a pair of socks. I looked into other brands of toe socks, but most are similarly priced. There are good deals to be had on tabis, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

Picked up a couple new games in the Tri-Cities: Bohnanza and Alhambra: The Dice Game. Bohnanza (the game of German bean-farming!) is fairly fun, but I don’t have a great grip on the strategy yet. I think you could roughly describe it as a combination of the Catan trading system and rummy without runs.

Alhambra: The Dice Game is better IMHO, though it takes slightly longer to play than I’d prefer (~70-80 minutes). The closest mainstream analogue is probably Yahtzee, but I think it’s unfair to compare it to something so simple. There’s a variant that lets you combine it with regular Alhambra, but we haven’t tried that yet.

What else? Jones, Amanda, Logan, and I went bowling one night. I stunk up the joint with a 79 and an 85. Jones’s high score was 129. The music they played in the alley was really good; The Immigrant Song, Billie Jean, etc.

Jones and I saw Baby Mama while I was there too. I really loved it. Quick and funny, like 30 Rock. The only thing I didn’t like about it was Dax Shepard (the guy that played Carl). He irritates me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I strongly associate him with Idiocracy and Employee of the Month. Steve Martin, OTOH, was fantastic. So many quotable lines — Jones and I were throwing them back and forth a lot the next day. “I’m going to reward you with five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.”

On Friday, Jones suggested we go see Iron Man together even though we were 134 miles apart — idea being that we could discuss it over the phone afterwards. This would’ve worked great except that I live in Pullman and the theater was swarmed by students — by 6:00 PM all the showings had already sold out. So I ended up seeing it on Sunday. I liked it. Wasn’t crazy about the primary villain, but I liked Downey and Paltrow. Complaints: The Burger King endorsement was over the top. (What’s the first thing you want after being held captive by terrorists for three months? A Whopper, of course!) Also, the post-credits Samuel L. Jackson scene was retarded.

Alright, later. Gotta pick up Mario Kart Wii.

6 Responses to “#948”

  1. Krunk:

    You need more pictures of the puppies!!! They look so cute!

  2. JediBear:

    What is Nomic?

  3. hjo3:


    (And the actual ruleset.)

  4. Logan:

    I’d suggest X-Raying the puppies with cell phones in their little tummies. Then, create a Cuteoverload / Faildogs rip-off called “PuppySkeletonsWithThingsinTheirTummies.com” and wait for the riches to pour in. It can be a sister site to my ZygotePorn.com website I will never actually do.

    When is your next Tri-City visit?

  5. hjo3:

    PSWTITT.com sounds pretty awesome. I think ZygotePorn would get shutdown for 2257 violations anyway.

    I’ll next be in the Tri-Cities May 24th (and I’ll be staying through at least the 28th).

  6. Logan:

    See, but I’d use pictures of chicken embryos or something so they couldn’t claim it was illegal. Yeah…they’d probably find a way.