11:07 am, Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I’m back from working at the Lewiston dog show. It was worse than last year on account of the cold and snow. Snow in April! Ridiculous. Anyway, Mr. Damberg is a good boss; we got free lunch every day at noon, hot chocolate or coffee at ten, and he reimbursed me for all my gas expenses. A couple pics:

Snow at the Lewiston dog show    Lewiston, ID city lights panorama

The first one is of the snow we got, the second is a panorama I took from the scenic overlook at 4:50 AM on the 21st with an extended exposure.

News on the house: They got the roof on! The skylight’s even in place. Looks like they’re going to be tarpapering and shingling soon. I think all the plumbing hookups are in place now too. Everything’s in the Flickr set, but here’re a couple highlights:

Back of house with roof    Plumbing in master bath

This Killbots picture by darkpony is pretty awesome (and CC-licensed!):

Killbots Want Peace Too

I figured out the name of those almond/granola bars I liked so much (cf. #938) — Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bars, Almond. And Amazon has 7.8 lbs. of ‘em for $33 with free shipping (if you use super saver). Keen. Mine’ll be here on the 28th.

Some YouTubery I’ve enjoyed lately:

Your word of the day is: Callipygian. Try to use it at least once in conversation.

I’m going to shower and get some Subway.

2 Responses to “#946”

  1. Krunk:

    That Louis Vuitton video was definitely trippy.

  2. Peter:


    Re: granola bars…tell me you signed up for “Subscribe and Save.” Easiest 15% off in the world, and you can cancel immediately after your first shipment arrives.

    BTW, those granola bars are awesome. If I weren’t getting paid to take protein bars off the hands of supermarkets, I’d consider buying those :P.