2:13 am, Monday, April 14th, 2008

I expelled some tonsilloliths today. Very gross. Lots of gagging and phlegm. I hate my tonsils; they have too many crypts (more than normal, I think) and I blame them for the three strep throat infections I’ve had (dunno if that’s accurate, but I do). I took a picture ’cause objects that come out of your head tend to be interesting in spite of their nastiness.

Tonsilloliths from my tonsils

Okay, now I have some food pics… What? Still skeeved out by my tonsil stones? Pff, baby. Alright, I’ll talk about some other stuff for a minute.

The construction of my house on Oliver Drive seems to be going well. There’s, like, a sliding glass door in the back now. And the tub and shower units have been delivered to the site. Just check out that bay window. Pretty sweet, right?

Tub and shower units in garage    Back of house, bay window

Lots more high-res house porn in the Flickr set.

Have you ever wanted to know what the number one song was the day you were born? Now you can with Josh Hosler’s #1 Song on This Date in History! (Thanks, MeFi.) For me and Brett (our birthdays are really close), it’s Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. For my sister, it’s Madonna’s Like a Virgin. (Haha, mine’s better.)

This is kind of embarrassing, but I bought a pair of Crocs a couple weeks ago. See, there was this Slickdeals deal for a $10 discount and free shipping and 10% off for new customers and 10% cashback via FatWallet (phew!) and my Birkenstock sandals had finally fallen apart completely. I love my FiveFingers, but I need something I can slip on fast in the mornings when I take Looker out. (She’s 14 and her bowel control isn’t what it used to be. She has to be up the stairs and on the grass within 45 seconds of waking up.)

Anyway, the model I got (the Cayman in sage) is great. Very comfortable, so long as your feet are dry when you put them on. The weather was so amazing today (above 60° for the first time in forever!) that I took a walk around the neighborhood — 1.3 miles according to Google Earth’s Ruler(Path) — and the shoes (sandals? clogs?) held up really well. No chafing or pinching like you might expect with rubber footwear. The bumpy texture of the insole is weirdly pleasant.

Okay, food. We made chicken salad sandwiches last night. The Safeway had been mauled (probably because it’s WSU’s “Mom’s Weekend”) and there weren’t any rotisserie chickens left so we made do with the cold, fried stuff (we didn’t want to cook anything). The red seedless grapes had been wiped out too so we went with black seedless. They were okay; didn’t quite have the same crispness. The sandwiches were good, but a bit richer than usual. Later on I made brownies with this recipe. I was pleased with ‘em; perfect levels of chocolatiness and moisture, but not quite as chewy as I wanted. Pics:

Chicken salad sandwich    Brownie closeup

FFT:WotL update: Level 49 ninja now; the summoner class is awesome. The Limberry assassins slaughtered me the first time I went up against them, so I’m trying to level up my support characters before I go back there. I’ve found a strategy that works pretty well for building JP after you’ve exhausted your Errands options: Equip two characters with the Fundaments skillset, go to Mandalia Plain, kill all but one monster, then just sit there and use Focus over and over again while the chocobo with 30 HP left ineffectively pecks at your tough fighter types. (It helps to disable your Counter abilities.) If you have an Orator, use Mimic Darlavon to put the last monster to sleep.

Alright, that’s all for now. Gonna check the MeFiNo Drupal and hit the hay.

11 Responses to “#944”

  1. Hecatomb:

    If you still have those tonsilloliths, take another picture with a penny or something next to them for scale. I’m wondering how they compare to that gargantuan chunk of earwax I extracted last month.

  2. Logan:

    Hank – that is very gross. Amanda gets those and tells me about them, but she’s had the good grace never to show me one. Now, thanks to you and Wikipedia – I know! *barf*

    Also: Woman in Love by Barbara Streisand. Crap.

  3. Krunk:

    Haha, the #1 song on my bday was: “Down Under” by Men at Work.

  4. hjo3:

    Hecatomb: Nah, I threw ‘em out. They were pretty unremarkable. But I still have the envelope they were on in the photo and by measuring the letter M I can tell you the largest one was about 3.5 mm long. Probably doesn’t compare with your earwax — I remember the huge piece you showed us after your Costco irrigation/waterpik thing.

    Logan: lol. Also: “Woman in Love”? What? (Edit: Ohhh, duh, that’s your birthday song. Hahahahaha)

  5. hjo3:

    Krunk: Huh, Akismet ate your comment again… I can’t figure out why it keeps doing that when I’ve repeatedly marked them as Not Spam.

    Down Under is pretty cool. Not as cool as Eye of the Tiger, but w/e. :)

  6. Peter:

    Hank: Akismet’s been eating Krunk’s comment on my site too. I guess Akismet just doesn’t like him :P.

    I got “Don’t You Want Me” by The Human League. I’ll gladly trade for “Down Under,” much less “Eye of the Tiger.”

  7. hjo3:

    Peter: I talked to Krunk about this — apparently his comments are eaten whenever he links his name to his site. I’m guessing that somewhere on the web there’s a spambot (maybe a few) that’s been linking to (or posting the URL of) krunk4ever.com in its comments and Akismet’s filter has come to identify that as conventional bot behavior. Krunk says he’s emailed Akismet about the issue. Hopefully he’ll give us a blog entry about the snafu.

    Don’t You Want Me is pretty good. I like it better than their “(Keep Feeling) Fascination.” Actually I have a really good disco/electronica remix of it in my MP3 collection…

  8. Peter:

    Interesting…I didn’t know that (Keep Feeling) Fascination was done by Human League!

  9. Tim:

    I got Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath my Wings.”


  10. hjo3:


    Maybe you and Logan can console each other.

  11. Chuk:

    tonsilloliths: Not getting those is totally worth the couple days of pain (as a four year old) from having my tonsils removed.

    I kind of miss my adenoids, though…