11:41 pm, Friday, April 11th, 2008

There’s been tons of progress on the house. In less than two days it went from bare foundation to floors, walls, some siding, and windows. New photos are at the end of the Flickr set.

Yesterday Brett and I went to Tokyo Seoul for sushi. Actually, I’m not totally sure they’re called Tokyo Seoul anymore… the menu covers say Blue Sun Cafe, but I think that was the name of the previous restaurant to occupy that building. Anyway, it was extremely good. They’d added a lot of new things to their menu since we last ate there, like “white maguro” (a euphemism for escolar, my favorite variety of fish for nigiri). Some pics:

Sushi Boat at Blue Sun Cafe    Sushi closeup - escolar, salmon

You can’t quite tell from the photos, but the thing they served the nigiri on was a big wooden boat. The red snapper was kinda meh, but the escolar, yellowtail, and sweet shrimp were fantastic. We also had caterpillar and “super tempura” rolls. Oh, and James the chef sent over complimentary edamame and deep-fried shrimp heads.

BTW I forgot I’d been saving up these food pics from February when I wasn’t blogging much:

Pistachio-crust salmon with white asparagus    Lasagna with shallots    Pork cabbage casserole

Big club sandwich

Left to right: Salmon with pistachio-dill crust and white asparagus; lasagna with shallots; pork sausage and cabbage casserole with mozzarella, white asparagus, and onions; big club sandwich (ham, roast beef, sundried tomato spread, lettuce, bacon, provolone, havarti).

I’m glad the NBC Thursday night lineup is back. Earl‘s gotten kinda blah and Scrubs has been less than great for a while now, but I’m loving Office and 30 Rock. Best line last night: “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Aaaack!” Is there any clich├ęd dialogue Tina Fey can’t sell?

Still playing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. My main character’s a level 38 ninja and I’m in chapter IV. I’m thinking about changing my black mage into a time mage after I pick up the death spell (Blizzaja has been pretty sweet). Only bad thing with that is that he’s a really good chemist and I’m afraid I’ll need two guys throwing X-potions and phoenix downs in later battles.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions party roster

How awesome is it that Zoi got kicked off Top Chef? Good riddance.

3 Responses to “#943”

  1. Amy:

    for being inland that sushi looks really good!

  2. Peter:

    I think Hank should be required to attach detailed recipes along with every picture of home-cooked food he posts from now on.

  3. hjo3:

    Amy: It tasted just as good as the Seattle stuff too. Shipping must not be much of an obstacle anymore.

    Peter: Haha, thanks. This stuff doesn’t hold any surprises though; I make it pretty much the way you’d guess.