12:03 am, Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Let’s start with some TotD:

Break down your favorite song.

Okay, I’m not sure what this means but I think I’m supposed to explain the lyrics. I’ll use the Barenaked Ladies’ Everything Had Changed — I doubt that it’s my all-time favorite, but I’m pretty fond of it this week and it’s a little clearer than the others that came to mind (Movin’ Out and Transylvania).

There are a bunch of ways you could interpret the song’s lyrics, but here’s my take: The protagonist is thinking about all the failed relationships in his life and (early on) dreading the imminent collapse of his current one. Externally, he’s shrugged off these break-ups (“kept my head down and moved on,” “hopeful things I’ve said”) but he actually spends a lot of time silently mourning the losses (“I’ve lived my life inside my head”). He doesn’t hate the people with whom he’s had falling-outs and he accepts what’s happened (“I wish you well / divergent journeys”), but he’s distressed by the situations in which he keeps finding himself (“I hate it now; hated it then / I’ve seen it all before”).

Eventually, his relationship miscarries and he blames himself, as he has for all his past failures; he thinks the problem is that he doesn’t open up to people (“promise never to give too much of myself”). While contemplating what went wrong (“as I survey the ashes of the damage that I’ve done”), he reflects on how his experience really isn’t unique: Everyone messes up relationships by not expressing important feelings (“everyone … is just as closed off and alone”).

The moral of the story, though it goes unsaid in the song, is that we should have the courage to say what needs to be said — embarrassment, shyness, and pride be damned. If you don’t, you’ll drive away loved ones and only hurt yourself.

Yikes, really close to the deadline here — better post this.

Edit: This was not the funnest way to discover my computer’s clock is six minutes slow. I’m out.

12 Responses to “#942”

  1. Peter:

    Yikes, really close to the deadline here — better post this.

    Edit: This was not the funnest way to discover my computer’s clock is six minutes slow. I’m out.

    I was considering cracking a joke about the Ung-hex here, but man…what a brutal way to be eliminated from the IMBC.

  2. torbox:

    That is a complete bummer. I would have lost my mind if I were you. I figured I’d see you in the last few in the list of the last few posters!


  3. hjo3:

    Peter: I was skeptical of the Ung-hex, but not anymore. :P

    Torbox: Heh, thanks. All I can do now is sit back and hope the competition ends before someone can top my 126-day record. BTW, I’m pulling for you to beat OldManLever. Cape > raccoon tail.

  4. torbox:

    *marks day 127 on the calender*

  5. torbox:

    Also; Its not a matter of if I will beat OldManLever or not. It is a matter of when.

    Cape Flight for life.

  6. Finley:

    Hey, that sucks, i was sure you’d be in the top 3 in the end.

  7. Tim:

    Holy shit. That sucks.

    Oh, and yeah, I think this is the funniest way to find out your clock is slow.

  8. Logan:

    So I could have lasted like, a week, I would have beat you AND Jones? Crap.

  9. JediBear:

    It occurs to me that you could have avoided reliance on your clock’s accuracy by adopting a different posting strategy than “crap! Have to post this by midnight!”

    Of course, as I’ve never done the IMBC thing (and blog only rarely these days) I don’t suppose it’s like I’ve got room to talk. I was thinking about joining this year, but procrastinated right past the start.

    Maybe next year.

  10. Hecatomb:

    I never thought I’d outlast you of all people in this contest! Jones, certainly, but not you! Anyway, I toll funerary bells in your honor.

  11. Hammy:

    I never thought I would beat you, Logan, and Jones. Maybe now you won’t tease me so much.

  12. Chuk:

    That sucks! You should get a do-over. (Except that would kind of break the rules.)

    Does suggest a good alternate strategy for future contests, though.