12:58 pm, Friday, March 28th, 2008

Okay, so we played Zombies!!! last night. It really is an awful game. I don’t know how I forgot that. The tiles are flimsy and hard to place without constantly Hanwooling (i.e. messing up the layout of the board) and the actual gameplay is slow and dull. I like the zombie-killing alright, but you’re only doing that for a few seconds of the three to four minute rounds. Anyway, we played long enough to reveal the helipad tile, then gave up and declared Heather the winner. Upon expressing my severe displeasure with the game, Logan offered to let me trade it in for a five-dollar discount on Elfenland (which looks wicked queer, but won the 1998 Spiel des Jahres so how bad can it be?).

After that, we played Streetcar, which is incredibly awesome even though we totally screwed up our game by beanplating my version’s poorly-written rules. (BTW, Logan, Jones, et al.: I found another set of rules and it turns out it’s way, way easier than we made it: First, you have to lay all the track from your hand before you can draw new tiles. Second, you can’t do tile exchanges that change existing track — that is, your new tile can add new paths but it must also include track from the old tile. So our whole “change someone’s inaugural route” business was actually verboten.)

Anyway, fantastic game. It’s vaguely like Carcassonne (with only road tiles) crossed with Ticket to Ride. Now that I know how to play correctly, I really want to try the three-stop routes.

In other news: No new Lost until April 24th?! I hate when shows go on hiatus.

Been playing the first-ever MeFiNo this week. If you like arguing about and drafting rules, Nomic’s the game for you.

8 Responses to “#934”

  1. Amy:

    “wicked queer”

    ??? i’m so confused!!!

  2. Tim:

    It means “Evil gay.”

  3. Justin:

    Here’s one I found that you should try: Red Dragon Inn. It’s a card drinking game, with the basic idea that a party of D&D-esque adventurers have returned to the tavern after a dungeon crawl or whatnot to drink, gamble, steal, and generally cause trouble. It doesn’t sound terribly interesting or fun, but it is. I think you’d like it.

  4. hjo3:

    Hey, Amy and Justin!

    Re: “wicked queer”: You have to imagine it being said with a Boston accent. “Wicked queeah.” From this SNL skit. And yes, the game is more than a little flamboyant… elfcycles, elf boots, unicorns… at heart, it’s a bit like the travelling salesman combined with resource management, but the window dressings they use are extra silly.

    Re: Red Dragon Inn: I read some reviews on its BGG page — looks pretty cool.

  5. Chuk:

    “Beanplating”? What’s that?

  6. hjo3:

    Re: beanplating: Definition.

  7. Peter:


    Is it just me, or did the number of participants in the IMBC triple in the last day or two?

  8. hjo3:

    Heh, yeah, we’ve had a miniature deluge of registrations.