9:48 pm, Friday, March 14th, 2008

Ordered-list blog GO!

  1. Registration for Iron Man Blogging Competition 2008 opens in a little more than two hours.
  2. Stargate: The Ark of Truth is out! The copy I pre-ordered a million years ago arrived on Wednesday. Plan to watch it tomorrow.
  3. I know my blog’s been pretty dead lately, but my Flickr stream has been seeing pretty regular additions. Some new sets:
    1. Nigiri Sushi I’ve Eaten
    2. Construction of House in West Pasco
    3. Coos Bay, Oregon
  4. Progress on my house: The foundation is all in and the dirt around it has been backfilled. The electrical wiring is partially run and the sewer hookup’s been trenched in.
  5. Watched season six of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Very funny, but made me dislike Larry David more than usual. (I can only dismiss his rudeness with “oh well, it’s okay–he just doesn’t get it” up to a point.)
  6. I discovered Phun (a 2D physics sandbox) and made some neat stuff with it, like this scissor lift.
  7. Lost continues to be awesome. This week was great: Korean stories, another Oceanic Six reveal, and the return of Michael.
  8. Yak Shaving.
  9. Top Chef season 4 premiered! Hate Andrew already, think it’s dumb that they let a couple on.

The movie-spree I mentioned in my last post continued a bit. I went on to watch The Ten (funny, typically Stella-ish humor; loved the H. Jon Benjamin parts), Sweeney Todd (kind of boring/unpleasant; dull music), Death at a Funeral (okay), Juno (very good, even though the main character is rather contrived), Run, Fat Boy, Run (decent), and The Mist (better than I expected; reminded me of Half-Life).

Still reading Born to Kvetch. Been learning some really cool stuff about Yiddish that I’ll expound on later. Haven’t been keeping on with Wizard’s Bane though; the author stopped the narrative to tell this long, pointless side-story about two wizards adventuring on a mountain and it got a little intolerable. Started reading (well, skipping through) Mortgages for Dummies.

Worked out a couple times this month (stopped logging it in January, but I’ve been going occasionally). The gym is so crowded now that it’s not really pleasant for me anymore. A few times now I’ve driven down there, seen that most of the ellipticals were occupied and just turned around and come home. And this is at like 10, 11 PM, even midnight. The whole reason I paid for a membership there (instead of using WSU’s SRC) was so I could work out with few people around. If that meant going late at night, fine. But now that’s not even enough. I think I’ll cancel my membership (which I need to do before moving anyway) and start taking daily walks around Pioneer Hill or something.

Made some pretty killer roast beef sandwiches for lunch today.

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