8:15 pm, Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

I don’t know how it happened, but all my WordPress pages (e.g. Contact Info) became unpublished (returning 404s) at some point. Took me a while to figure out what had happened. At first, I thought my .htaccess had gotten messed up. Anyway, fixed it by opening each page in the WP editor and saving it. Good thing I don’t have a lot of pages…

I finished Vacuum Diagrams. It was a lot longer than I thought it’d be. And the last few stories just dragged along. Going from galactic wars and exotic aliens to teepee-dwelling primitives kinda killed my momentum with this book. The breadth of history covered was cool though; reminded me of Terraforming Earth that way (though it was only four million years in this case). After Vacuum Diagrams I read The Burglar in the Closet, another Lawrence Block book. Not as good as his hitman series, but it’s okay. It’s told from a first-person perspective and I kinda resented the times when the protagonist kept the audience in the dark about a crucial detail, like when he described “objets d’art” found in a suspect’s apartment as “two pieces of meticulously engraved copper plate … mounted on blocks of three-quarter inch pine” knowing full well at the time that they were printing plates for counterfeiting.

Now I’m reading Wizard’s Bane (cheesy, cliché-ridden fantasy, but kind of cool cuz it’s about a C programmer who learns to apply his coding know-how to magic in a new world) and Born to Kvetch: Yiddish Language and Culture in All of Its Moods.

I’ve been on a sort of movie-watching jag lately. In the past five days I’ve seen Mallrats (so much worse than I remembered it being; awful acting), Enchanted (okay, had some good music), Dan in Real Life (awesome), Jersey Girl (decent), The Darjeeling Limited (gorgeous, but a little vacuous compared to previous Anderson films; I’d never realized how cool Adrien Brody is), Idiocracy (bitter/depressing), and I Could Never Be Your Woman (fantastically awesome; Paul Rudd at his funniest/most adorable, hilarious references to other Heckerling movies, amazing cast).

Got new tires last week (was getting the studded ones taken off anyway). Had the Les Schwab beef (steak) for dinner last night. It was pretty good; very tender. Also ate at the Moscow Bagel & Deli a couple more times. (Tip: Do not go there on a Saturday night — the nearby bars make the whole area too crowded. Damn Idahoans.) Anyway, got a better picture of the Sweet Midge:

Sweet Midge bagel from Moscow Bagel and Deli

I noticed that those poppy seeds leave a weirdly sweet taste in your mouth for hours after eating… Not unpleasant, just strange. And persistent.

Hey, didja see the new Venture Bros. season three characters spread over at Jackson Publick’s blog? Can’t wait for June.

Venture Bros. season 3 characters

Oh, and how gratifying was last week’s Lost episode? Time travel, yay!

IMBC 2008 starts in 28 days.

Edit: Gary Gygax RIP. Also, Kaleidosketch is fun.

Edit 2: No, wait, Myoats is better.

2 Responses to “#931”

  1. Amy:

    oooooh season 3 looks awesome already! gotta do some blogging stretches before the IMBC starts again!

  2. Tim:

    FUCK YEA IMBC. I’m totally in this.