10:03 pm, Monday, February 25th, 2008

Okay, so first, here are a couple pictures from before the Las Vegas trip that I’ve been meaning to post. This is me, Jones, Logan, Amanda, and Laura (a new clerk at Adventures Underground) playing Ticket to Ride on Valentine’s Day:

Jones, Logan, Ticket to Ride    Ticket to Ride board - Feb. 14, AU

I just finished dinner. My mom made peppercorn ribeyes (the super thick ones; seared, then roasted), a shiitake-heavy cognac sauce, a simple green salad, and a fennel & red grapefruit salad (which calls for bee pollen as an ingredient; kinda wacky, huh?). It was very good. Here’s the food porn:

Ribeye, shiitakes, fennel/grapefruit salad

Oh, and here’re some photos of the lot where my house is going to be built. I picked this lot because it was the only one left that didn’t face another yard in the back, doesn’t have an ugly transformer box out front (no power lines, see?), isn’t easily visible from the highway, has a normal shape (all corners 90°), and has a straight fence-line (no indentations for hydrants or sewer access on the Chapel Hill Blvd side). Took these on the way to the home and garden show on Sunday.

Empty house lot on Oliver Dr. 2    Empty house lot on Oliver Dr. 1

The lot, incidentally, is on Oliver Drive. How cool is that? BTW, met with my mortgage broker today. Looks like the closing costs will be about three thousand more than I was expecting, but otherwise everything’s going according to plan. It’s kinda scary to see the total monthly payments laid out with the real estate tax, mortgage insurance, and hazard insurance all added in.

Last night Jones, Logan and I played Munchkin and Manhattan (a new board game I picked up). Manhattan is simple and a lot of fun. Won the 1994 Spiel des Jahres. For me, it’s a welcome change of pace from Gheos and Tongiaki which have similar themes (expansion/control) but force you to worry about defense in an unpleasantly frantic way.

Here’s a quick play summary: Each round you pick out some skyscraper building blocks (which range in size from one to four floors), then build (or steal) towers in six different cities. Each city is a 3×3 grid; the grid squares you’re allowed to build on are dictated by your orientation to the board and a set of four cards you hold. (Each card corresponds to a spot on the grid; upper-left, lower middle, etc. with center (middle-middle) cards being the rarest.) You can build new towers or steal existing towers by capping them with a block of your color (but only if you’ll then own a number of floors in the building equal to or more than any opponent’s colored floors). At the end of each round points are awarded for the highest skyscraper, majority-control of each city, and the total number of towers each player controls.

I really like some of Manhattan’s dynamics, like how rivalries just tend to hurt the players involved and fortification is nearly prohibitive in cost. Anyway, great game. Reminds me of Weinhandler for some reason. I took a bunch of pictures of our two games (winners: Logan, then me) and the box contents and collected them into this Flickr set: Manhattan board game.

After board gaming, we had dinner at Sonic and went bowling at Atomic Bowl. It was late, so we only got in one game before they closed. Lotsa fun though. I scored 127, Jones 88, Logan 135.

Oh, and Logan requested that I blog about how he owes me $10, so… yeah. There’s that.

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  1. Logan:

    Ha ha! Off to debtor’s prison I go!