1:59 pm, Sunday, February 24th, 2008

I’m back in Pasco; decided it’d be easier to just stay here through the 26th instead of going to Pullman only to drive back four days later. Anyway, Wednesday night we all went to the Blue Man Group. It was a lot of fun — the music was good, there were these strobe-animated dancing statues, giant whirling tubes fell from the ceiling, the audience pulled thousands of feet of paper streamers toward the stage… the experience is kind of hard to describe. The only thing that kinda bugged me was the forced “curiosity/sense of wonder” the actors express throughout the show (esp. when we know this is probably their 2,000th performance).

Picked out colors, carpet, and vinyl flooring for the house on Friday. (The exterior will be a darkish slate blue with white trim.) Also ordered Cat 5 in most of the rooms with everything routed to the den.

On Saturday, Jones and I went to see Persepolis. (It’s a black and white, animated, French/subtitled coming-of-age story about an Iranian girl.) I liked most of it, mildly, but the ending was really unsatisfying. I guess that’s usually the case with these autobiographical sorts of things. It kind of reminds me of Ghost World; especially how it ends. Except that in Ghost World the girl’s “expatriation” is uplifting and self-directed.

After that we headed over to Adventures Underground and made Logan play Fluxx, Tongiaki, and Infernal Contraption (with the “Sabotage!” expansion for the first time ever, woo). I think Jones won Fluxx and Tongiaki (I gambled on a new settlement in Hawaii and lost by seven points), I won Infernal Contraption. Oh yeah, and we played Gheos in there somewhere — Jones won that too.

Okay, gotta get going. I’m visiting a lawn and garden expo with my parents, then doing some more game stuff at AU.

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