7:01 pm, Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Hey, I’m in Las Vegas. Been going to these really great Shawn McVey lectures. Had a fantastic dinner at the VooDoo Cafe & Lounge on the 50th floor of the Rio — braised buffalo tenderloin with a mushroom demi glaze, asparagus, and potato purée. Saw Penn & Teller (they had a really nifty nailgun routine and another that involved “psychic readings” and joke books). And, even though it’s kind of embarrassing, I played some slot machines with Brett. I turned $5 into $15.45 on a nickel “Deal or No Deal” slot, then used some of that to win $40 on a dollar Triple Sevens slot. I knew I was pushing my luck, so I cashed out and haven’t played since.

Today we walked around the strip some. I took some pictures and collected ‘em in this Flickr set: Las Vegas/Feb. 2008.

Gotta get going — we have reservations at Fleur de Lys for 7:30.

Update: Wow. Fleur de Lys was amazing. Brett and I each had a four course meal. Mine began with an amuse-bouche (compliments of the chef) of smoked salmon over something akin to a savory cheesecake filling, topped with brittle, bacony whiskers. Then I had an ahi tuna tartare over shaved fennel topped with fresh, herby greens. For the fish course, Maine lobster poached in butter with wild mushrooms. After that came the best part: Filet mignon, rare, topped with sautéed foie gras and black truffles, perched on a mushroom trio and a bed of baby spinach in a red wine essence. Finally, for dessert, I had a “fresh fruit minestrone” with raspberries, basil sorbet, marmalade sauce, and a curled poppyseed wafer (or “langue de chat”). And decaff coffee.

Brett had, in short, a veal ravioli with potato, jus, and sunchoke foam; seared scallops with porcini ravioli, apple straws, and a “mushroom tea”; roasted duck breast with duck confit, bok choy, chestnut purée, and potato purée with chives and onion; and a cheese platter with dark apple compote for the dessert course.

Awesome, awesome meal. I think it’s my new all-time favorite. The staff were incredibly skilled and polite too. Totally worth the money.

8 Responses to “#928”

  1. Logan:

    That had to cost like $20 per person!

  2. Amy:

    $20??? pfft! i betting it was more like $45 per person +tip.

  3. hjo3:

    Here, you philistines… :P

  4. Tim:

    $5.50 for DECAF??

  5. Logan:

    That’s actually less than I was guessing…

  6. Peter:

    A pic of the receipt???

    Where are the pics of the food?!?!?

    And damn…I always thought a $50 meal for two was considered extravagant :P.

  7. hjo3:

    It was too nice a restaurant for me to be able to whip out my camera. Plus the lighting was pretty dim, so I would’ve needed flash (and would’ve irritated ppl around me). Too bad, cuz the plates were gorgeous. :/

  8. Amy:

    wow i was way off! sounds like it was worth every penny!