2:07 am, Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Update on our ongoing flooded-room snafu: The contractor says he’s “still putting a bid together.” He also says he told Heritage to send people out to “suck the water out of the carpet.” Heritage denied this, but arranged for a carpet-cleaning service to come out tomorrow morning. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me; why clean the carpets when the source of the leak still hasn’t been fixed? Won’t they just get wet all over again? Well, whatever. At least these Castle Carpet Cleaning people seem to have their act together. They return calls quickly, make appointments for specific times (10:30 vs. “sometime today”), verify addresses, etc.

The apartment is extremely crowded at the moment… I think you would be surprised at how sardined things get here when one’s forced to condense five rooms of furniture into four rooms. But at least it’s a tidy clutter — I’ve been on a cleaning spree lately. Did all the dishes, took out a lot of garbage, vacuumed, etc. It’s probably fueled by guilt… I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet. Plans for tomorrow: Get haircut, complete at least 30% of shopping, clean out trunk of car, use up that last pound of hamburger in the fridge.

Brett made egg foo young tonight. He used leeks, broccoli, celery, and barbecued pork and made an almond sauce to go over the top. It was really good. Better than the egg foo young I’ve had at any restaurant. Here’s a pic:

Brett's egg foo young with almond sauce

BTW, have you tried Arby’s cheesecake poppers? We got some last week because of a blurb in The Stranger. Ridiculously tasty. They’re less sweet than you’d expect, but it works.

Arby's Cheesecake Poppers

Played a lot of Super Mario Galaxy today. I think I’ve collected 19 stars so far.

You know what’s an awesome song? Combustible Edison – Vertigogo. Very Henry Mancini-ish. Anyway, someone mentioned it on MetaFilter and I got hooked. I’d never heard the whole thing before, only snippets in commercials.

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  1. Logan:


    You’ve got four days to make an update…

  2. Logan:

    I’m logan and I’m a big fat stinky! who stinks and is smelly and icky!!! I’m logan!!!!

  3. Logan:

    Ryan lies! He is the stink-beast! Also…three days and counting until one month without an update.

  4. Logan:

    So, I guess you blog from your car normally or something, huh? Boo hoo, my card was ‘sploded. Now I can’t blog for a month.

  5. Amy:

    will you never blog again?? we miss you!

  6. Tim:



  7. Krunk:

    Haha. I’ll add myself to the list of people awaiting for your return. ;p