12:11 am, Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Yeesh, it’s been a whole week now and Heritage Realty (and/or the lazy contractor they hired) still hasn’t done a damn thing about our flooded room. I call them every day and they politely blow me off (“Oh, really? No repairs? I’ll call them.”). Meanwhile, the moldy smell in there is becoming unbearable… Do they not realize that the problem gets more expensive the longer they wait? I’d find other ways to get the repairs done, but there’s no way I’m spending a red cent to fix something I have no equity in. At least next month’s rent will be prorated.

Anyway, I saw I am Legend on Saturday. (I also went to see it on Friday, but it was sold out.) The post-apocalyptic New York landscapes were awesome and I really got into its quiet-last-man-on-Earth-isolation vibe. The ending was a little unsatisfying though. And the CG, esp. for the “darkseeker” leader, wasn’t as good as I expected. But other than those issues, I enjoyed it. All the scenes with the German Sheperd worked really well.

GURPS Transhuman Space: Shell-Tech came out last week (edit) two weeks ago. I was kind of leery about spending eight bucks on a 32-page PDF, but eventually I gave in. I don’t regret it — great read. Could’ve used more cybershells and fewer aquatic bioshells IMHO but whatever.

Miscellaneous: Getting ready to head home in a few days for Christmas and clinic stuff. Been eating a ton of oranges lately. Adult Swim is airing new Shin Chan episodes, so that’s nice. Re-watched the whole Planetes series. Been playing Puzzle Quest on the DS (I’m up to level 49). Have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. Made spaghetti yesterday.

Currency completes US govt. buildings    Cloverfield creature

10 Responses to “#922”

  1. Helen:

    A thought about moldy repairs: you might mention to Heritage Realty that there are allergies and/or asthma involved regarding the mold and mildew. That managed to get a quick response for me.

  2. hjo3:

    That’s an interesting idea but it’d require me to fib since I haven’t had asthma symptoms in years (and I think the only thing I’m allergic to is cats). Maybe I’ll get lucky and contract some horrible mold disease so I can sue them for millions :)

  3. Peter:

    I love oranges!

    I think I ate ten or so this past week alone!

    Can you blame me for passing up oranges @ 6lb/$1?

  4. hjo3:

    6 lbs. for a dollar? Holy cow, awesome deal! Here the imported navels are 2 for $1. I’ve been eating four a day… :o

  5. Helen:

    Yes, fibbing would probably be on the naughty list at this time of year.

    Actually, there *is* a pretty horrible one out there, called aspergillosis, but I think you have to be immune compromised for it to happen. My mother got that one thanks to 40 years of smoking. It took coughing up fungus balls and losing part of a lung to convince her, but she’s since stopped smoking.

    You seem rather hale (what with all the oranges and all) so that is likely not a worry for you, thank goodness.

    What’s your feeling on clementines? They’re my personal favorite. Working on the second cute little crate in as many weeks.

  6. Amy:

    where did you find the cloverfield monster concept art? is it leaked or do you suspect a fake?

  7. hjo3:

    Ugh, aspergillosis sounds just awful. Reading the wikipedia entry sure makes me thankful I don’t have lung issues…

    I love clementines! Too bad my local supermarket doesn’t have them. I’ll have to see if I can find some while I’m visiting my parents.

    (“Hale”? Are you a MeFite by chance?)

  8. hjo3:

    Re: Amy: (Whoa, simul-posting…) Found it on 4chan. No idea if it’s authentic or not — I’ve heard claims from both sides.

  9. Amy:


    i think i found the origin, and unless doug williams is working on clover fields along with guild wars, i would say it’s fan art…

  10. hjo3:

    Oh cool — thanks for sharing the link. It’s too bad; I really dug his whale monster. ‘Course I’m starting to lean towards the “they’ll never show the monster” theory.