12:16 am, Monday, November 19th, 2007

Mike Huckabee’s not my preferred candidate, but this ad he did with Chuck Norris is fantastic. It’s a tired meme, sure, but it’s pretty funny given the context. Like I said on MetaFilter: Will Ferrell telling an off-color lightbulb joke? Not funny. The pope telling the same joke? Hilarious.

I pre-ordered Super Mario Galaxy on Amazon quite a while back. Should’ve shelled out the extra $3.97 for standard shipping instead of the free “super saver” kind. It came out on the 12th but won’t get here till the 23rd, by which time I’ll be in Pasco for Thanksgiving and payroll stuff. Probably won’t even get to play it till the 28th. At least it appears to be terrifically wonderful, if the general gamer consensus is to be trusted.

Been messing with VectorMagic/Inkscape some more. Here’re a couple things I vectorized recently:

Slick (from Sinfest) -- Vectorized    Zazzle Upsidaisium T-shirt

On the left, Slick from Sinfest. On the right, a bit of the header for this site — I had it printed on a 3/4 sleeve raglan tee via Zazzle (I was really happy with the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats “Coming and going” shirt I got there, so I used the same archetype). Whatever printing method they use is fantastic — it washes well, breathes, and has a texture that’s almost indistinguishable from the untouched fabric.

I saw Bee Movie like two weeks ago. Forgot to mention it. It was watchable. One thing really bugged me about the animation; the way they modeled/colored the eyelashes made the light-skinned characters look like they had rings of grime around their eyes, especially on the lower eyelids. I did like how the story spiraled into ever-wackier situations though. There were a few times I thought they were going to pull the “it was just a daydream” thing, but they just kept on with it.

Next two movies I really want to see: Beowulf and The Darjeeling Limited. The latter was actually playing here a little bit ago, but it was only in the theater for five days. WTH is that? Looks like I’ll have to wait for the DVD unless it pops up in Moscow soon.

We had sushi at Tokyo Seoul again last Friday. It was really good. The chef even brought us complimentary shiso salads. I took this picture of the spread (minus the tuna nigiri) with my phone:

Tokyo Seoul sushi (cellphone pic)

Some food stuff:

Tomato bisque and grilled cheese    New York strip steak and potatoes    First homemade bread loaf

Left to right: Tonight’s dinner of amazingly tasty Safeway-brand tomato bisque (with onions and basil), grilled cheese sandwiches, and cottage cheese; last week’s New York strip steaks and monster baked potatoes; and my first attempt at baking bread.

I used this guide to do the bread. It was going really well until I made the mistake of letting it cool a bit after the second rising-in-a-warm-place process. It sort of collapsed and the top got all ugly as you can see in the photo above. It tasted good though; made really phenomenal toast. Notes for next time: More humidity during rising, do not remove from oven before cranking up the temperature, try baking at 375 F instead of 400.

Finished reading Luminous and The Dark Side of the Sun. TDSotS was mostly meh/cheap Star Wars-meets-Hitchhiker’s Guide fare. Luminous was good, but not as good as Egan’s first collection (Axiomatic). One story really stood out though: Reasons to be Cheerful. It’s kinda like Flowers for Algernon, but deeper. Has a similar beautifully-bittersweet ending. Anyway, tonight I’m going to start The Duplicators by Murray Leinster. It’s extremely short — only 144 pages. I’ve wanted to read it ever since I saw a fascinating excerpt on Atomic Rockets.

Hey, check out this awesome steampunk-y, Upsidaisium-related LEGO sculpture. (Found via The Brothers Brick.)

You know what’s a brilliant product? The Slanket. I’m going to have to get myself one of those (or maybe ask for one for Christmas).

Oh yeah, me, Brett, and my parents I went to the Doobie Brothers concert they had here last weekend. It was good. I tried to take some pics with my phone but they didn’t turn out.

Next time: Playing with Garry’s Mod, Man Stroke Woman (a British sketch comedy show with Nick Frost), and TF2 sprays and posters.

Blerg, I’m so tired.

3 Responses to “#919”

  1. mamahughes:

    I really like the fact that you know about upsidaisium. I love rocky and bullwinkle and all of the other things that went with it. Sherman and Mr Peobody. the 3dbb, fractured fairytales etc.

  2. Logan:

    Dear Sir,

    Did your parents die? Are you at their funeral? Because that is the only excuse I can think off that would reasonably explain why you are not here at the store, playing games with your friends.

    Ryan, Heather, Logan, Amanda, and Charley

  3. JediBear:

    I care roughly nothing about the Republican nomination race. It doesn’t matter who comes out of that crapfest, I’m not voting for ‘im.

    Still, I wonder if Huckabee should really be touting the fact that his most significant endorsement comes from Chuck Norris?

    I’ll agree that it’s hillarious, insofar as we’re laughing AT Huckabee and not WITH him. Thanks for linking to the commercial by the way, I’ve been hearing about it, but I hadn’t actually seen it until just now.