10:52 pm, Sunday, November 4th, 2007

(I was two paragraphs into this post when my browser crashed. For some reason it got all belligerent when I tried to call up a Wikipedia entry.)

First, food. Here’s something I made on the 31st according to the Exif info:

Chicken/onions stuff over toasted French bread

It’s chicken and onions in a cream cheese sauce with some cumin, paprika, tarragon, herbs de provence, browning sauce, nutmeg, and pepper served over broken, toasted French bread à la SOS. I was trying to re-create a type of panini Brett and I really like. It tasted great, despite the bland appearance. Next time I think I’ll put it on crostinis and add peas for color.

On Friday, I made those crushed-corn flake-coated chicken pocket things again. This time I used Colby-Jack for the cheesy sauce and added broccoli for taste and texture. Here’re a couple pics (one part-way through preparation, one of the final product):

Chicken pocket preparation    Chicken pockets, baked

And then last night I made lasagna and buttered leeks. I like the composition of these plates, even though my lasagna is a little sloppy. The colors and meat-starch-veggie levels are nicely balanced, I think.

Lasagna and leeks 1    Lasagna and leeks 2

Oh, and we’ve been having a lot of PB&J lately too. Safeway just got this nut-butter bar — like, a row of machines, already loaded with whole cashews, almonds, etc. that you can use to make your own super-fresh whateverbutter. The honey-roasted peanutbutter they make there is amazing. And we got some boysenberry jam that goes very nicely with it.

I listened to Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You!) audiobook this past week. (Partly on the trip from Pasco, partly on the trip to Lewiston.) Very funny — even better than America (The Book). Somehow I like him in this format more than on his show.

Some (very belated) Halloween pics:

YouTube costume by sweetbriar    Team Fortress 2 Halloween costums

The first one is a homemade YouTube costume (“OMG! Awesome Party Guy Vid!” photo by sweetbriar — yay for CC licenses!). The second is a bunch of people cosplaying as the various classes from Team Fortress 2. They’re even posing just like in the original artwork! How cool is that? Krunk found that, BTW.

Speaking of TF2, I’ve been playing a medic a lot lately. I did really well last week — I got 24 points on a single life during a 24-player cp_gravelpit match (with 11 invulns!). Some ‘shots:

TF2 medic healed 6690    TF2 medic scoreboard

In Quadradius I keep playing against this guy called gypsyBytes. I’m not sure why; we just always seem to be online at the same time. Anyway, our games always devolve into a 3v1, 2v2, etc. sort of scenario. And, surprisingly often, when we’re down to those few tori, he invariably picks up the Invisibility power. Well, today’s game was more interesting. I managed to pick up a ton of powers on this one piece by snatching some X2′s at the right time and Learn Radial-ing some other tori that had been isolated by terrain changes for many turns. Here’s a pic of my super-torus:

Quadradius - gypsyBytes game - super torus

The next turn he used Bombs. The only casualty? Yep, super-torus. So then we danced around a lot; he Recruited one of my pieces, we ended up trading a couple… eventually it was 2 vs. 1, my favor. But then he got Jump Proof and all I had to work with was Dredge Radial. So I lured him into a brilliant trap, Dredged him, and won because he couldn’t make a legal move (i.e., the timer would have run out and the game would have started killing his pieces as a penalty). Endgame screenshot:

Quadradius - gypsyBytes game - endgame

2 Responses to “#917”

  1. Chuk:

    My son and I were briefly trapped in a public computer lab today, and mostly because of your post I remembered Quadradius. Unfortunately, he completely kicked my ass with a combo of Bombs (which killed 6 of my guys and 1 of his, unlike my Smart Bombs which did about 3 of his and one of mine) and an early Jump Proof. Fortunately we had to go when I still had a couple of guys left.

  2. hjo3:

    Hah, that’s awesome. :)