10:41 pm, Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

I drove to the Tri-Cities last Thursday, returned yesterday afternoon. My dad and sister were in California for a thermography workshop so my mom and I ate out a lot. Thursday we did Sushi Mori in Kennewick for dinner (bento and a caterpillar roll), Friday was IHOP in the morning (crêpes, yum) and Thai Spice in the evening (honey pork stirfry–good but boring, service wasn’t great), Saturday we had IHOP for brunch (steak omelette and pumpkin pancakes), Sunday we went to Cinco de Mayo (enchiladas and deep-fried ice cream), and on Monday Andi and dad came home so mom made spaghetti for lunch.

Saturday night was Logan’s birthday party. He and Amanda took a whole bunch of us bowling at Atomic Bowl — Jones, Heather, Blaze, Ed, and a couple other nice folks whose names escape me at the moment. It was fun. I averaged 95 over four games.

Played a ton of games this weekend, though it was mostly just Jones, Heather, and I since Logan and Amanda were busy most of the time dealing with a weeaboo moonspeak class, Magic players, Warhammer ppl, and assorted Richland rabble. I meant to play in the booster draft, but I forgot it was Saturday and didn’t show up till like 1:30.

Tongiaki at AU this past weekend

We got to play a few new games though. I picked up Zombie Fluxx, Infernal Contraption, and Talisman. Some thumbnail reviews:

  • Zombie Fluxx — Not quite as freeform or streamlined as regular Fluxx, but fun in a slightly different way. The “Groaning Required” card can make playing in a public place a bit embarrassing. Great warm-up game — doesn’t require too much thinking.
  • Infernal Contraption — A little tricky to learn on your own, but really worth it. I love games that let you build something. In this one, you design a machine (by arranging cards sort of like dominoes) that, one way or another, ensures you’re the last person with any cards in your “Parts pile.” Probably the best new card/board game I’ve played this year. (Pictured below.)
  • Talisman — Really disappointing. The game is essentially Candy Land with dwarves and magic. I suppose I’ll have to give it another try sometime, but my current view is that it’s tedious and depends too much on luck. The art’s good though.

Heather, Jones, and I playing Infernal Contraption

Saw a couple movies while I was over there — 30 Days of Night and Fido. I enjoyed 30 Days quite a lot, even though some of the dialogue was really lame (e.g. “the citations let him know he’s a part of this town”). It was an interesting spin on the zombie apocalypse/survivalist horror genre.

Fido was just… nice. Amanda described it as “Frankenweenie stretched to 90 minutes” — I think that’s very apt.

Drawn Together has been almost watchable lately. I liked the recurring Carousel of Progress joke last week and this week’s Muppet Babies parody was pretty decent.

Some almond chicken with butternut squash Brett and I made last week:

Almond chicken with butternut squash

I got a Quadradius membership again. I’m on there as “sushirobot” if anyone wants to play a match.

My General and Special Elections ballot showed up in the mail while I was gone. Filled it out and sent it off this afternoon.

King County General and Special Elections ballot

Blarg, I’ve hit my blogging limit.

5 Responses to “#916”

  1. Logan:

    Moonspeak. Heh.

    Talisman was definitely not what I expected. The guys who were pumping it as this great thing all seemed to be gamers – and old copies were selling for huge amounts on eBay. It had to have ~some~ appeal, right? The evil, blinding power of nostalgia…

    Fido I didn’t get. I lent it to other friends and they seemed to love it. What was their point? If you’re going to make fun of people following whatever the government tells them, why would you set it in the 1950′s? Is that really the only era that filmmakers thing people were fooled by propaganda? In any case, it failed on that front – and then it also failed on being a decent zombie movie. Maybe the part I slept through saved it…I don’t know.

    As for being busy – yeah, that weekend was obnoxiously busy. I would have liked to have been slightly more awake and free to game. Now that we’re out of Infernal Contraption, it is basically the only game anyone wants. Sounds fun. I ordered it because I liked the name and artwork.

  2. Chuk:

    I loved Talisman when it was new-ish. The thing is that it seems to have been overtaken by advances in gaming technology — newer games have less of a random aspect to them for one thing, so there’s less wandering around hoping you happen to land on the right space or draw the right card. And some of the characters were way unbalanced (like the Monk).

    We played Talisman this summer and it was still fun (this was 2nd edition with most of the expansions (except the Dungeon)), but we certainly didn’t have time to finish a game.

  3. hjo3:

    > If you’re going to make fun of people following whatever the government tells them, why would you set it in the 1950’s? Is that really the only era that filmmakers thing people were fooled by propaganda?

    I think the 50s setting had more to do with pushing the Lassie/Old Yeller parody than the 1984-esque themes. They might also have been trying to emphasize the parallels between WWII and “World War Z.”

    I thought the stuff with Mr. Theopolis/Tammy was gold. I wonder if the Hunter S. Thompson resemblance was intentional. Hey, did you know Fido was played by Billy Connolly? I had no idea till I saw the IMDB listing.

    Re: Infernal Contraption: BTW, an Infernal Contraption expansion is coming out this month — Infernal Contraption 2: Sabotage!.

    Re: Talisman: Yeah, I think Chuk’s right on the money. It was probably (relatively) awesome in 1983; in 2007, not so much.

  4. JediBear:

    I was introduced to Talisman only a few years ago, and I still found it quite amusing. Different strokes for different folks, I expect.

  5. JediBear:

    To enhance my previous, I think it’s going to come down to how much the randomness bugs you, as it’s a key feature of gameplay. It didn’t trouble me enough to kill my enjoyment of the game, but it would seem you had a different experience.