12:38 am, Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Bulleted lists are cool because you don’t feel guilty about failing to segue. Since I have a lot of unrelated stuff to talk about, and because I’m lazy, I’m gonna use one. Talis qualis:

  • OiNK is dead. Here’s an article the BBC ran about it. An interesting tidbit — when the article first went live early this morning, it contained this quote:

    “Members paid ‘donations’ via debit or credit cards, ensuring their continued access to the site.”

    Which is, of course, a lie. (Users’ memberships were only revoked for repeatedly breaking the guidelines or falling below the required ratio after the 14-day grace period. Donating didn’t get you anything useful.) They edited that out later on.

    This really sucks. OiNK was the best source (in terms of variety and quality) for music on the net.

  • Watched Year of the Dog on DVD today. Not very good. I actually liked almost everything about the movie except the plot. Nice sets, decent dialogue, interesting characters. All the actors were great except for John C. Reilly, who was badly miscast as the next-door neighbor — he was too goofy for the role IMO. I like that they managed to involve divisive things like militant veganism, PETA, etc. without taking sides, or even encouraging critical thought about the issues. It’s about the mentality of an obsessive/activist from an objective point of view — the beliefs of the main character were immaterial to the story.

    I can’t quite decide what the film’s overall message was… I think it’s “be passionate about something, even if it’s a bad idea.” Or maybe “it’s better to live for an ideal, even a foolish one, than to devote yourself to the mundane minutiae of everyday life.” It was kind of stirring in that sense, in an abstract way, but the actual movie just wasn’t entertaining. Year of the Dog is thematically similar to One Hour Photo (which I enjoyed) — if you’re only going to see one, watch the latter.

  • My current wallpaper:

    Weighted Companion Cube wallpaper

  • They don’t use thumbs-up/thumbs-down on Ebert & Roeper anymore. WTF is that? They took the most iconic symbol of movie critic reviews and ditched it. Apparently it’s all Disney’s fault — they claimed Ebert withheld its use, but Ebert says Disney made the decision. (And I’m a lot more likely to trust Ebert over Disney.) From Ebert’s response:

    Contrary to Disney’s press release, I did not demand the removal of the THUMBS. They made a first offer on Friday which I considered offensively low. I responded with a counter-offer. They did not reply to this, and on Monday ordered the THUMBS removed from the show. This is not something I expected after an association of over 22 years. I had made it clear the THUMBS could remain during good-faith negotiations.

  • Some odd search terms that have brought visitors to this site in the last month:
    • hate blog on gail simmons
    • video gay hitler
    • “steamboat terminology”
    • monk banana
  • Hey, did you know Adam Savage (from Mythbusters) is a MeFite? I found that revelation very amusing; even better than when I learned Charles Stross is a user.
  • Brett got a new phone — one of those prepaid Virgin Mobile dealies. Specifically, the MARBL. I’m amazed at what they’re able to produce for only $20 — it’s full color, has a web browser and speakerphone, weighs less than my RAZR, and is only slightly bulkier. They must sell those things at a loss and make their money back on the “Top-Up” cards. (Which are still a good deal considering their equivalent cost per minute is only about 13% more expensive than what Cingular was charging him — i.e., $40 for 250 min./month.)
  • We cleaned the house on Sunday. I find myself deriving an unhealthy amount of satisfaction from having well-vacuumed carpets and spotless tabletops.
  • Did you know Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant was the first book in a trilogy? We won’t see the second for a while though — the next novel he releases will be Snuff (due out May 20th, 2008).
  • Here’s a funny cartoon about a cat.

Time to prepone some newbs in TF2 before I go to bed. Gotta remember to drive my sister to the airport tomorrow.

Worked out 10/22.

13 Responses to “#915”

  1. Krunk:

    The cat video was cute!

  2. Krunk:

    just like Jedibear, I thought prepone was an alteration of pwn where you pwn them beforehand. ;p

  3. amy:

    pink hearts? you might be the only one I know manly enough to pull it off! jones comes in a close second with the pink razr… :)

  4. hjo3:


    Thanks, Amy. ‘Course, the color scheme/motif was dictated by the design of the Weighted Companion Cube. :P

  5. BRB:

    “if you’re only going to see one, watch the latter”

    Ooh, “the latter.” OK, Frasier.

  6. hjo3:

    Pssh — I was saying “latter” before I started watching Frasier.

  7. Logan:

    Why, are you Mormon?

  8. hjo3:

    Yep, that’s it. I converted just so I could use that word.

  9. Logan:

    Probably the best reason you could have, really.

    Also…Hey, there is a Magic tournament going on here. It’s a big party. A big Hankless, lonely party.

  10. amy:

    yeah i just figured out what the companion cube was. portal is pretty trippy to watch. the computer and androids say really funny stuff!

  11. Krunk:

    Not sure if you got a chance to see this:
    Team Fortress Classic Halloween Costumes

  12. hjo3:

    Re: amy: Cool. Have you seen the end yet? The best part is the credits.

    Re: Krunk: LOL no! I hadn’t seen that! That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen all week!!

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