10:02 pm, Monday, October 8th, 2007

Yerg, missed blogging for a long time again. Stuff keeps coming up.

Food porn:

Homemade cheeseburger    Canapés    Devilled eggs

On the left, one of the cheeseburgers I made last week. The two on the right are of the dinner we had Saturday night: Nothing but hors d’œuvres! The first plate is a bunch of canapés, variously consisting of smoked oysters, Huntsman cheese, almond pesto (homemade), Inglehoffer stone ground mustard, Gruyère, grated parmesan, and salmon. The second plate is devilled eggs. I make mine pretty simply: Egg yolk, pepper, mayonnaise (I like Best Foods), a little sweet mustard (it’s easy to ruin the filling by using too much), and paprika sprinkled on top. (Fill with an A.B. pastry bag, AKA Ziploc-with-the-corner-snipped-off.)

Welp, Top Chef season three is over. I’m glad Hung won and not Dale. Before the finale, I kept telling Brett that if Dale won I wouldn’t watch next season — the guy skated by for almost the whole competition and only got good (lucky?) in the last couple episodes. I still think Casey deserved it most though. She didn’t do great in the last challenge, but she was more consistent than the other two and her presentation was almost always the best.

Finished Permutation City. It was really good; not quite as fun as Schild’s Ladder, but better than Teranesia. Definitely more “paradigm shifting” than either. I really liked the “dust theory” concept (which was a little hard to grok at first), but I never quite got why the Garden-of-Eden packages were necessary. If all the states of a given process exist somewhere in spacetime, why did they have to launch anything? Wasn’t it already running (and would have ran even if they’d never decided to launch)? I really disliked that the Thoms Riemann storyline ended so bleakly. I mean, the (Elysium-based) Peer & Kate subplot was sad too, but at least it had a hopeful, if twisted, ending. It echoed the Maria/Paul stuff well.

Ohhh… actually, now that I think about it, all the couples (Peer/Kate, post-launch Peer/Kate, Paul/Maria, real-world Paul/Maria, Thomas/Anna, Paul/Elizabeth, Aden/Maria) were just different permutations of the same relationship. Even the Francesca/Maria relationship, with Francesca refusing to get scanned, was part of the same thread. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Fundamentally, all those stories were about people being separated because of their ideologies. And the last permutation of Peer & Kate (where he disolves into the inhabitants of a new world to make her happy) sort of demonstrates an interpersonal version of dust theory — even though all these people eventually moved apart in some way, they were still together. The Copy of Paul “lobotomizing” himself to please Maria just brought it full circle. Man, just about everything I read of Egan’s leaves me in awe.

Anyway… Sean came over on Saturday. We played a bunch of games (Wii darts and Jenga, mostly) and caught up with each other. I can’t believe he’s flying radar planes! And living in the south! At 5:30 we had lunch with his sister and a bunch of her friends at Nuevo Vallarta. The food was okay, but not as good as the Mexican places back in the Tri-Cities.

Boy, DreamHost’s abbazaba server is sooo much better than virgil. Check out these uptime stats (and compare to last month’s):

Uptime stats for Oct. 2007

99.96%! That’s actually better than what Krunk’s getting, according to Pingdom. (Haha, sorry Krunk!) Not quite as good as Peter’s uptime though (100.00% for as long as I’ve been monitoring it at 1 minute intervals). Anyway, I’m actually happy with DreamHost again. Guess I’ll renew my contract with them. I sent ‘em a thank-you note via the ticket system and got this back:

Excellent! I’m glad to hear this is working out for you!! =) As is the case with many problems in our system, they tend to be localized (We have over 2000 servers currently). If you ever need any additional assistance, let us know.

I drove to Moscow today to deposit a check for some web design I did back in May… guess who forgot banks are closed on Columbus Day? Really sucked because the road construction delays on ID-8 were longer than usual. Criminently! How long are they going to be widening that highway?

What else? Bender’s Big Score is coming out on November 27th; already pre-ordered it through Amazon. Team Fortress 2 (non-beta) will be out on Steam the day after tomorrow. Looking forward to that. Oh, and I’m going to be in Pasco this weekend — gotta take care of my parents’ animals while they’re in Buckley for Jenny Nearhood’s wedding. I’ll probably leave Friday and return Sunday unless the AU crew is planning to do anything special Thursday night. (There’s been talk of HackMaster and I wouldn’t mind playing some more Bang and/or mega-ultra-Carcassonne — I’m thinking about adding another set.) For once there won’t be any digital radiography stuff hanging over my head; got it all taken care of on the last trip.

A neat site I found via MeFi: One Sentence. It’s like a more readable version of grouphug.us, or Twitter-meets-PostSecret if you’re not familiar with the former.

Worked out 10/3, 10/5, 10/7. (Didn’t do upper body on 10/5, right arm was hurt.)

Some imageboard gems to make up for my absence:

Sideways ladder photo trick    Bad road overhang    Cartoon skulls

Photo with taken with Flash    TinTin card    Too much tanning!

10 Responses to “#911”

  1. Jones:


    I advise you to come down by thursday night, we are having much game action love at the Adventures of Underground.

  2. mamahughes:

    I saw two guys like that years ago at Santa Cruz in california. Yikes, sunscreen folks, or maybe eye screens for us.

  3. JediBear:

    I use miracle whip in my devilled eggs. I imagine it tastes better, but it’s a matter of perspective.

  4. Logan:

    And what, the left arm was just along for the lazy-ride?

    Love that skull image. Yeah…Thursday could be fun. There are plans for Heather being down, and maybe actually having a full house.

  5. JediBear:

    I’m reminded that I still need to drag you out for Karaoke at some point. Any chance you’ve got time this weekend?

  6. hjo3:

    Re: Jones: Excellent, I’ll be there.

    Re: Mrs. Hughes: No kidding. I wonder how much higher the skin cancer rates are for people like that.

    Re: Logan: Yup. Cool.

    Re: Robert: Maybe — I’ll be in touch and we can see how our schedules line up.

  7. JediBear:

    I seem to have somehow lost your number.

  8. hjo3:

    Hah, that’s weird — I just talked to you on the phone, then saw this comment. GMTA I guess. BTW, for future reference, all my contact info (including phone #) is here.

  9. JediBear:

    Impressive. Most people aren’t that open with contact info.

    Sorry about not being able to do anything this weekend. I was feeling rather ill, among other things. Perhaps we’ll have better luck on that score next time.

  10. hjo3:

    Impressive. Most people aren’t that open with contact info.

    Eh, who’d want to stalk me? :P

    But yeah, no prob. I’ll be down again in 10 days anyway. We’ll have to play some Munchkin, Lunch Money, etc. etc.