9:42 am, Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

You’ve probably heard about that MIT student that got arrested at the airport for wearing a “device” on her sweatshirt. Here’s a picture of the thing:

Star Simpson sweatshirt device

I’m amazed at the number of people (especially on Slashdot) deriding the police for how they responded. I mean, the girl comes to the airport with some obviously-homemade electronics pinned to her chest and, when questioned by airport staff, just walks away… Rudeness aside, how could she think that’s okay? It almost seems like this was something she did intentionally to get attention; maybe she thought this was a good way to point out how ridiculous airport security has become. (BTW, anyone notice the design on her hoodie? It’s a stick-figure person running around on fire. Kinda makes one wonder if there’s a logo for suicide bombers…)

Not the greatest week for my generation… first the “Don’t tase me, bro!” guy, now this.

Anyway, here’s what I made for lunch yesterday: Spaghetti alfredo with steak. (Had to use up those petite sirloin leftovers.)

Steak with spaghetti alfredo

Ordered a couple used books that I’m looking forward to reading: The Dark Side of the Sun, and Permutation City. (For the longest time I couldn’t find a copy of the latter selling for less than $35 and suddenly multiple copies are springing up on Amazon and eBay for $8.50. Wonder what happened?)

Hey, didja see the new VG Cats? Love the Sliders reference! With the classic cast, even (see? Prof. Arturo’s there). Keen.

My mafia game ended yesterday. Turns out we lynched the wrong guy. But in our defense, he was being a major twit (kept threatening to quit and get replaced, which makes discussion nearly impossible) and only role-claimed in response to another player doing the same. Plus Per and somestrangeflea (the mafia members in Newbie 432) really did work some amazing strategy on us. By putting each other to lynch -1 on day 2, they made sure the survivor would look awfully innocent. Very clever.

Hum, what else? Finally got my GeForce 7900 GS in the mail. Installed it with no problems, works great. Took the opportunity to blow all the dust out of my case. Oh, also, downloaded GURPS Spaceships from e23 (just came out yesterday). I’m actually not all that impressed with it; it’s too granular, IMO. Does seem like it’ll make space combat easier though.

Worked out 9/21. Want to see Resident Evil: Extinction sometime soon.

4 Responses to “#907”

  1. Krunk:

    Not sure if you saw this: REMIX: “Can’t Tase This” UF Student Tasered

    Plus Per and somestrangeflea (the mafia members in Newbie 432) really did work some amazing strategy on us. By putting each other to lynch -1 on day 2, they made sure the survivor would look awfully innocent.

    Haha! That’s taught in Mafia Strategy 101, and if neither get kicked out, keep arguing with each other. :)

  2. hjo3:

    Heh, nice video.

    Actually, their strategy was really risky. They didn’t have to put each other to lynch -1; they could have teamed up and put a suspicious townie to lynch -1 (since only 3 votes were needed). They could have easily “had their cake and eaten it too.” Because their strategy was so convoluted, we dismissed the possibility of somestrangeflea (the survivor) being mafia.

    I didn’t know you played Mafia, Krunk! In what context have you played? IRL parties?

  3. JediBear:


    It’s absurd for airport security to be stopping people with homemade electronics with obvious (non-bomb) functions. Nor is it good policy. It won’t stop someone with a disguised bomb from getting through.

    Even worse is that they’re charging here. For bringing a piece of electronics that was obviously no threat to anyone into an airport and not threatening anyone with it.

    The police should be ashamed. The prosecution should be ashamed. And we should all be mocking them.

    Sure, 9/11 was a big deal. But let’s be honest. It wasn’t a big deal because airport security screwed up. It wasn’t a big idea because of MIT students with cute breadboard electronics rigs. It was a big deal because people who were supposed to do things didn’t do them, and because some terrorists got lucky.

    It’s been six years. We’re in no danger. It’s time to stand the fuck down.

  4. hjo3:

    Generally, I’d agree. But it’s a little different when the homemade electronics in question are strapped to someone’s torso and they refuse to answer questions about them.