2:13 am, Thursday, September 20th, 2007

I’m about to head over to the gym, but I wanted to blog this evening’s meal first. Tonight we had petite sirloin steaks ($3.99/lb. at IGA), cottage cheese, salad (see the salad, mom?), and garlic bread. I cooked these steaks with Jaden’s “massive salting” technique, which I found through reddit (via popurls).

(Tangent: Un-capitalized proper names annoy me. They’re too easy to “read over” and I worry that someone will see them and think I don’t proofread. Hence the “PopURLs” title in the sidebar.)

The technique really does improve the taste and texture of the meat, but I think it makes it hard to get good color on the exterior. And she’s right about it not working on smaller cuts; I also grilled two smaller sirloins (~3.5-4 oz. maybe) that received this treatment and they didn’t turn out as nicely. But look at the cross section of that larger steak (pic on right)… Yum.

Steak, salad, cottage cheese, garlic bread    Nice, medium-rare steak

Before dinner we had some slices of Golden Delicious apple with cheese curds. They went together surprisingly well.

Great Top Chef episode tonight — Hung won the elimination challenge (I thought Brian deserved it a little more) and they finally kicked Sara off (good riddance). Is it just me, or was she playing up the “I’m Jamaican” angle a whole lot more in this one? I swear her accent got way thicker in this episode. The next two episodes will be the finale. Hung’s the obvious favorite, but I really hope Casey wins. Her ideas and presentation have been consistently awesome since the first week. The only person in the final four that I’d absolutely hate to see win is Dale. Also, yay for Gail coming back. I’m so sick of Padma and Colicchio — Gail Simmons and Ted Allen are the only semi-regular judges whose opinions I trust.

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  1. hey:


    I’ve been reading your blog and thought this…would be right up your alley
    http://www.mealme.com he takes pictures of his food and invites others to do the same.

  2. Mom:

    The salad is a nice touch, it should be a regular. The main plate would benefit from a bit of color too, don’t you think? Adds balance. Maybe broccoli, sans the cheese. Or maybe fresh snap peas or brussel sprouts?

  3. JediBear:

    You know, even for a vegetarian (who is nauseated by the smell of cooking meat,) that was a pretty interesting bit of technique.