3:35 am, Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Bloof. Just got home from the gym. I think these workouts are starting to have some kind of effect; like, I’ve got more energy or something… When I got towards the end of my time on the elliptical (12 min., maintaining a heartrate of 140 bpm) I wasn’t constantly thinking “OMG this is so hard, I just wanna stop, OMG, etc. etc.” like usual.

Something I thought of today: I remember hearing a guest on the Colbert Report (it was the author of Stumbling on Happiness, I think) say that we’re more likely to be happy when our choices are limited. He gave an example of a guy buying some piece of clothing, like a sweater or something. If the guy buys it from a store that doesn’t allow returns, he’ll probably be pretty satisfied with the sweater. But if he buys it from a store that does allow returns, he won’t be as content. In other words, the more options a person has available to them, the more unhappy they’ll be with their current situation.

So doesn’t this mean we’re all going to become less happy as time goes on? Every decade we’re given more options — more new products, more free time, more personal wealth (on a broad scale), more culturally-acceptable lifestyle choices… The longer you live, the more it feels like you’re “missing out.” (Because you are!) I wonder if the Amish are generally more happy than the rest of the country? Judging by the difference in suicide rates it sure seems like it.

Anyway. Brett and I were in Spokane this weekend from Friday evening to Sunday morning. On Friday, we played Sequence and Ticket to Ride with his parents. Then on Saturday we went to Merlyn’s (a big comic shop), where I got Knights of the Dinner Table #126-130, the first Goon TPB, and the new 4th ed. GURPS Ultra-Tech. (Their graphic novel selection wasn’t that great IMO, but they had a ton of hard-to-find GURPS books.) Then we had lunch at Raw (a sushi place); good salmon, great snapper, decent eel, fantastic rolls (esp. their “Da Bomb” roll).

Around 6:00, we headed over to the Big Easy concert house for the Bright Eyes thing. The opening act was awful — some incredibly whiny solo artist whose name I couldn’t catch because he practically swallowed the microphone. The guy did, like, six songs. The Bright Eyes stuff was better, but still hardly my preferred genre. Brett liked it though.

On the way back to the car, around 10:00, we were approached by a couple — a blonde in her late thirties (think Fran Drescher’s mom from The Nanny, but prettier) and a younger black guy (who looked like he had Apert’s syndrome). We had a brief exchange that went like this:

Guy: (with his arm around the woman) Haha, hey, you guys think my lady looks nice?
Brett: Heh, yes, she’s pretty.
Me: Yeah, very nice.
Guy: Yeah, haha, wouldn’t you want to take her home?
Woman: (smiles, looks embarrassed)
Brett: Haha, no, that’s okay.
Me: Um, heh…
Guy: Haha, you guys! Have a nice evening!

After we’d walked about a half-block, I said to Brett, “Boy, that’s a funny couple, huh?” And he goes, “Haha, yeah, that pimp was pretty polite.” And I was like, “Whaaaat? No way! They were– she was a… Haha, what? Really?” In hindsight it’s pretty obvious, of course. But I was floored for a second — there are some things I just never expect.

We met up with my parents on Sunday morning (they were in Spokane for a polo game). They gave us an air conditioner like Andi’s, a new Magic Bullet (Brett’s broke a few months ago), and some really good huckleberry mini-muffins.

Anyway, that was the weekend. Not a whole lot’s happened since then except we finally lynched someone in my mafiascum.net game (and he was mafia, which was critical since we’d entered LyLo) and I got my Louis C.K. DVDs (finally got to see the first part of Shameless — very, very funny). Oh, and tonight I made baked spaghetti for dinner. It has onions, layers of cheddar and parmesan, and a havarti (over crumbled Ritz crackers) topping. Very filling.

Baked Spaghetti

Blarg, this was a long post.

8 Responses to “#905”

  1. Krunk:

    Halfway through that conversation, I was like… is that “Guy” pimping the girl? ;p

    As for your more choices = less happiness, it falls back to the old saying of “Ignorance is bliss.” By not knowing something better is out there, you’ll be satisfied with what you have.

  2. hjo3:

    lol, yet more evidence that Krunk’s a playa!

  3. mamahughes:

    It’s like going grocery shopping with Tom. The more choices he has the more difficult it is. “Just pick one!” I say. But no. And as for long blogs, at least you do blog, not like some Amy type people who are too busy to let her friends know what the f is going on. . . . .

  4. Chuk:

    Stumbling on Happiness is a good book. I was reading it when suddenly the author showed up on The Colbert Report.

  5. amy:

    re: mamahughes – ugh, do i please no one?

    wow! you think you were really solicited? despite my urban surroundings that still seems bizarre to me.

  6. Peter:

    Ooooooh…baked pasta? Yum!

    lol, yet more evidence that Krunk’s a playa!


  7. Mom:

    With knowledge and options come the responsibility to choose wisely not to consume all constantly. Being raised where you were you weren’t exposed to prostitutes, that was a choice of your parents. What do you think her embarrassment was about? Obviously SHE knew what he was. You should incorporate some fresh vegetables and dare I suggest, salads, into your culinary adventures.

  8. hjo3:

    Re: Chuk: Hmm… I gotta order a copy. It’s been on my Amazon wishlist forever.

    Re: amy: Yup, in hindsight I’m pretty sure she was a hooker.

    Re: Peter: Heh, yup — it was partially due to your last blog post (about baked… ziti, was it? something like that) that I made it that way.

    Re: Mom: (obligatorily) Yes, thank you for shielding me from hookers, crack, and professional wrestling. BTW, I ate salad tonight.