3:15 am, Friday, September 14th, 2007

I bought into the Peggle hype. (If you’re not familiar, it’s kind of like pachinko or Plinko from The Price is Right.) You can download the game for free here. Fun and addictive; it’s the new Bejeweled. Check it out — I managed to totally clear stage 1-4:

Peggle 1-4 totally cleared

You know MSNBC put Peggle in their “Top 5 Adddicting Games” list? They also had Doom, World of Warcraft, Everquest, and Tetris. I think my list would go: World of Warcraft, Armadillo Run, Alpha Centauri, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Lumines.

We made a ton of stew last night. Because we overestimated the amount of meat and veggies necessary, we ended up having to make a second big pot (luckily, I had a quart of vegetable broth in the pantry for the second batch). Both stews came out very thick. Ingredients: Cabbage, corn, tomatoes, barley, stew beef, carrots, green beans, onions, celery, red potatoes, orangetti squash, and various seasonings. We put a lot of the best batch in the big Mason jar I got from my mom so we can take it up to Spokane tomorrow to share with Brett’s parents.

Super thick stew

I have a PowerColor Radeon X800GTO (256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16) video card in my primary system and I absolutely loathe it. It’s caused me more problems than just about any other component and it’s not even defective (not by the manufacturer’s standards, anyway). I’ve tried tons of different drivers, dozens of settings combinations, reseated the card twice, researched the problem on AnandTech and other such forums, talked to my very video card-savvy IM buddies… and nothing’s worked — I still have display problems with the thing. Sometimes when I start up the system, or anytime I exit (or alt-tab from) a fullscreen game, or under some other conditions, my screen will begin flipping between its normal display and black. Every couple seconds. The only way to fix it is to restart. (And it’s not the monitor — I don’t have this trouble when I connect it to my laptop.)

Anyway, this vexation will cease very soon. I’ve finally purchased a new video card! It’s been surprisingly hard to find one that benchmarks better than my current card for around $100 (even though this X800GTO is more than a year old). But the PNY GeForce 7900GS meets my (apparently narrow) criteria. Goodbye, crappy ATI Catalyst control center!

Unbelievably tasty discovery of the week: The Häagen-Dazs Pomegranate & Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Bar. They’re kind of expensive at $5.19 for a box of three, but they’re incredible. The ice cream is tart, but not too tart — matches the chocolate perfectly.

Okay, off to bed. Worked out tonight (Thurs. 9/13).

6 Responses to “#904”

  1. Krunk:

    Congrats on your new videos card. I’m not sure why it was that difficult to find a better video card for less than $100. I have the ASUS Radeon X1600 Pro Silent 256MB and it’s currently only ~$75 shipped on NewEgg and has worked great for me.

    The 7900 is of course better, but I would’ve thought the 7600 or 7800 would also have been better and cheaper.

  2. Chuk:

    I’m a big nVidia fan. We picked up an 8800GTS last month for like $200 off (it was still around $200) — first time we’ve really had a video card close to the top of the line. I’m loving it.

  3. hjo3:

    Re: Krunk: Oh, doh, I forgot to mention I needed one with two DVI ports. *That’s* what made it hard. :P

    Re: Chuk: 8800GTS? Nice! Except for a GeForce 4 Ti4600 I used back in 2002, I’ve always been very pro-ATI. But I hate Catalyst so much it’s enough to drive me to nVidia.

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  6. Xuyen Nguyen:

    Dear Peggle Enthusiast,

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    Again, thank you for your enthusiastic support and please let us know (by responding to this comment) if you’d like to join our blogger group!


    Xuyen Nguyen
    Community Relations Specialist