4:05 am, Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Steve Jackson Games products sure attract a weird bunch of people. I’d compare the fanbase to MetaFilter’s, but with more Europeans and less vitriol. Some of them are damn funny too. Take this reply I got from Hitekwaiter on UltraCorps, for example:

> Excellent, then it’s settled: We won’t attack each other until the vile Senitron and filthy Jbnimble are dead. (Also, I won’t take Madiis and you won’t take Oktober.)

> Long live the Volkspider-Hitekwaiter Non-Aggression Pact.




Maybe it’s just my peculiar sense of humor, but that made me roffle. I love the all-caps explanatory note at the end. It’s strange how negotiation has emerged as one of the more enjoyable aspects of UltraCorps.

Boy, autumn sure has dropped on Pullman like a ton of bricks. It’s supposed to reach 80 °F today and 38 °F tonight. Doesn’t that seem like an unusually wide temperature range?

BTW, there were like six people at the gym tonight. At 12:40 AM! Where were they last week? Could be that SNAP Fitness’s membership is just growing very quickly. They did start their “official grand opening” promotions this week, after all. (Free iced coffees and balloons; not that big a deal.)

Urban Dead’s been fun lately. Today me and a dozen other zombies managed to take out the barricades at a police station. Much feeding ensued. Check out all these chumps I infected:

Police station zombie feast in Urban Dead

Okay, time for bed.

Edit: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: I added that FEEDJIT live traffic map to the sidebar. It looks kinda cool, but I probably won’t keep it. (Google Analytics does the same thing anyway.) Just wanted to try it out for a little while.

5 Responses to “#903”

  1. mamahughes:

    I have a frappr map on my blog and some really weird places show up on it. Like India and Turkey and Russia, I don’t know. I guess just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after me. NIRVANA REFERENCE (haha)

  2. Paige:

    Volkspider? Like a firespider as big as a Volkswagen?

  3. hjo3:

    Re: REFERENCE: lol

    Re: Volkspider: Firespider? Heh, nah, it’s one of the cheap robots from Transhuman Space. I’ve been using it as my alias for a few things. Excerpt:

  4. Paige:

    Aw damn. Thought it was an old obscure HM reference. Like bumfights and jars of glowing ears. :)

  5. hjo3:

    Ohhhh… haha, I’d forgotten about that spider! Man… we should do some HM when you’re in the Tri-Cities next. (Around Thanksgiving?)

    Agh, remember Bobo, my dwarf henchman? And that Ring of Hefty Damager? Oh, oh, and how about that time you killed that chimera with one hit from a Spear of Impalement? Good times.