12:05 am, Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

When my parents came on Saturday they brought appliances; an air conditioner for my sister’s place upstairs and my birthday present: A portable, island-style dishwasher! It’s a Maytag. Very easy to use, too — just roll it near the sink, plug it in, and connect the hose socket to the faucet. Here’s a pic of where the cable and hose store away on the back of the unit:

Portable dishwasher hookups

So while she was here my mom instigated a cleaning frenzy the likes of which this apartment hadn’t seen in many a month. She and dad were only here for, like, five hours, so it wasn’t quite enough time to hit everything, but between myself, her, and Brett (before he left for work), we got the toilet scrubbed, the patio swept, wisteria trimmed (and lots of leaves and twigs bagged), lots of dishes done, and a lot of garbage taken out (esp. pizza boxes). Today, six loads of dishes later, I finally finished totally cleaning up the kitchen. Behold:

Cleaned kitchen

Also, while my dad was at the hardware store getting stuff to install Andi’s air conditioner he picked up some hooks for the pegboard next to my stove. Dunno why I never thought of that… Anyway, I think it looks really cool with all the kitchen equipment hanging up. Makes the utensils and so on a lot more accessible.

Kitchen pegboard

My mom also brought some super thick ribeyes from the Yolk’s back in Pasco. You just can’t get meat of this quality in Pullman. Anyway, I grilled them the night before last. Served ‘em with some mashed potatoes and pasta. Huge steaks. End-product:

Thick ribeye steak with mashed potatoes and pasta

I think that’s about it. Not a whole lot else going on… I bought a two-year subscription to Wired because some slick business major was selling them door to door and I’m weak. Still going to the gym regularly. I’m going again tonight (as soon as I finish this post, in fact)… this’ll be visit #4 since we got the membership last Wednesday. My intent is to go every other day (3.5 times a week) for the first month, 4x/wk. the second, and 5x/wk. the third. To keep myself accountable, I’ll be logging my visits here. (Just something simple at the end of posts, like “Worked out 9/9, 9/11.” I wonder if there’s a WP plugin I can use for that…)

Okay, I’m off.

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  1. Krunk:

    I remember there’s a an article somewhere where Jerry Seinfeld talked about how he became so good at writing. Good writing and jokes may come naturally for some, but they didn’t for Jerry. So what he did was practice everyday. He would have one of those one giant page all year calendar and everyday he practiced, he would draw a big red circle on the calendar for that day. The goal is to make the longest chain or a snake. Of course you can skip, but any skip would be break the chain/snake.

    Ahh found it:
    Motivation: Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret

  2. hjo3:

    GMTA I guess, huh? :)