7:57 pm, Friday, August 31st, 2007

First, some food stuff:

Toasted sourdough with balsamico/EVOO    Smoked chicken sandwiches    Savoy wrap-turned-burrito

(Going left to right…) The first one is an appetizer we had a couple nights ago — toasted sourdough slices with a balsamic vinegar/extra virgin olive oil dip. I used to hate balsamic vinegar but I really like it now. The second image is of the smoked chicken sandwiches we had following said appetizer. Ingredients: Ranch dressing, Inglehoffer stone ground mustard, wafer-thin slices of parmesan, smoked chicken breast and leg meat, mustard vinegarette, cumin, pepper, olive oil and herbs (on the bread). Stuck ‘em under the broiler for a bit to warm everything, melt the parm, and toast the bread. Very tasty. The last photo is my failed savoy wrap. I could not get the cabbage leaves off the head in large enough pieces to use as wraps. So I chopped it up into thin strips and integrated it with the ground turkey. I suppose we could’ve eaten the “filling” in bowls, but I had wraps on the brain so we used tortillas. It was pretty good. I love cabbage. Ingredients: Minced almonds, mirin, soy sauce, pepper, ground turkey (used cuz Peter frequently sings its praises), blanched celery, carrots, cabbage (green and savoy).

Last week Jones and I played a game of Mafia over on Tim’s forum. It went strangely; a lot of people didn’t participate, the days were extremely short, etc. Somehow we (the town) won, but there was very little real strategy. So a few days ago I registered at mafiascum.net to get some perspective — signed up for one of their “newbie” games. What an eye-opener! We were doing things so completely wrong it’s not even funny. For one thing, the game can’t work properly with six-hour days. “Days” on mafiascum.net often last weeks. And the way they play is radically different; it’s more like being on a debate team or in a rhetoric class than what we were doing. Real Mafia games require huge amounts of patience, detachment, subtlety, and research. The amount of study you have to devote to past posts (we’re up to 226 and it’s only day two) is staggering. Just keeping all the characters and votes straight is pretty tough. Their wiki is pretty helpful though.

Jones gave me this Truth Serum TPB by John Adams for my birthday. I don’t often read Indie comics. Sure, I read obscure stuff, but nothing I’d actually call “Indie.” Truth Serum really is though. It’s very strange. Sorta strikes me as a cross between The Tick and the movie Happiness, but without the compassion. I know that sounds weird, but it’s hard to classify. One kinda interesting detail: Chester’s dad looks almost exactly like Aloysius from Courtney Crumrin. Anyway, neat book — very unique.

Oh, I talked to Charlie (from Federal Way) on the phone yesterday. Turns out he and Ashley are officially split up (though it seems to me like they still want to get back together somehow; it’s an odd situation), he moved into a three bedroom apartment with Peter and his girlfriend, and he’s been moved up to a driver’s assistant at UPS (slated to become a full driver in six months because of age requirements). I’ve really got to visit over there soon — I’m really out of the loop.

What else? Brett bought tickets to a Bright Eyes concert in Spokane, so we’ll be over there the evening of the 15th. I’m not really into BE, but stuff’s always better live and I’m told there’ll be drinks in the balcony area. Should be interesting.

Remember the World of Sand sandbox/physics Java game? Well it seems someone modified it to include “fluid dynamics” (air physics… sort of) and some related materials. Try it out: Powder Game v2.7. Really easy way to kill time. I like to construct fast-moving powder-hurricanes using “bloc” curves and perpetual fire (via the clone tool), then drop in seeds and watch the ensuing mayhem. Some screencaps of my Powder Game experiments:

Powder Game 1    Powder Game 2    Powder Game 3    Powder Game 4

Mmkay, that’s all for now.

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