8:48 pm, Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I just noticed Boing Boing did a major redesign on their site. Here’s an image I slapped together for easy comparison between the new and old versions:

Boing Boing Redesign (Aug. '07)

I can’t say I like the new version. On one hand, it has less sidebar detritus (ads, RSS aggregator buttons, CC license details, etc.), a nice quotation indicator, and makes left-/right-aligned images look better. But OTOH, it’s no longer horizontally-centered (ugly on widescreen monitors), now uses a serif font (slightly less readable and not as suitable for a news blog, IMO), has lower information density (a bad thing since BB’s always been on the sparse side), requires more scrolling than the old version, is still fixed-width, has the author/timestamp info in a less useful place, and the logo is uglier (though the changes are minor).

Slashdot’s 2006 redesign was a big step forward. This one, not so much. If they’d just moved to a variable-width format I’d probably welcome the change. Oh well, the content’s still good.

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