1:44 am, Saturday, August 25th, 2007

I’m back in the Tri-Cities. Man, too bad there’s not, like, some kind of Pullman-Pasco courier service I could temp for. I could be making beaucoup beer money on the side. ‘Course, I don’t really like beer… “comic book money” would be more appropo, I guess. Anyway, I was going to drive up to Redmond this weekend and visit the Game-A-Lot crowd (Charlie, Garret, Anthony, Nolan, et al.), maybe drop by PAX for a bit. But my back is on the verge of complete recovery right now and there’s no way I’m going to risk another two weeks of chiropractors, ice packs, and Aleve by doing ten hours of driving in such a short period. So I came over here to take care of my parents’ animals again while they’re off doing the dog show thing.

Jones is taking off early tomorrow morning for Silverwood, but we hung out tonight. Grabbed some Wendy’s, watched some DVRed Adult Swim, played games. My parents got me Super Munchkin for my birthday (it was propped up on the dining room table when I got in around 7:00 PM), so Jones and I warmed up with a round of that. I won, of course. (I have this crazy luck when it comes to Munchkin — seriously, my lifetime win percentage is probably around 70%.)

Then we broke out the Settlers of Catan Card Game. It seemed very over complicated at first (10 stacks of cards and two 9-card principality matrices just to start!), but we figured it out in about twenty minutes. (It really helps to have experience with the original board game.) Very fun; it may be the best non-collectible two-player game I’ve played yet. It has way, way better balance for two players than the board game. Some things we noticed while playing: You need a big table for this one (at least 3′ x 4′), the gold resource is really only useful for searching expansion decks and buying/using mints, and brigands steal very strange things indeed.

I took pictures of these games, but I’m too lazy to transfer/edit/upload ‘em on my laptop ATM. (The interface isn’t as comfortable/easy/fast as my desktop’s.) I also have pics of dinners and Ticket to Ride Online screenshots, so my next post should be a real JPEG bonanza.

BTW, been watching Stargate SG-1 season 10 pretty heavily the past few days. The episode 200 has some really mind-blowing meta references and hilarious parodies. Frex: SG-1 and the SGC staff as Team America marionettes, Teal’c as Shaft, SG-1 as the characters from Farscape and Star Trek… Just amazing. If you’re a fan of the series and stopped watching before season 10, do yourself a favor and TiVo/torrent this ep.

So far I’m really impressed with season 10. Seasons 8 and 9 really seemed to highlight the series’ decline, but something must have changed with the last one. I still think the Ori are a poor substitute for the Goa’uld, but it’s starting to work for me. At least they’re better than the Replicators.

Okay, I’m gonna watch a little of disc three and hit the hay. Gotta put the dogs out and water everyone at 9:00 AM. Hopefully I can rope Logan and/or Robert into some gaming tomorrow.

2 Responses to “#895”

  1. Tim:

    Wow, I need to play munchkin again. Last time I played was after munchkinthulu came out, and we put ALL of our munchkin expansions in a pile and used that as our treasure and dungeon decks.

  2. hjo3:

    Heh, we used to do the same thing. But back then we only had the basic set, Unnatural Axe, and Star Munchkin. It’d be pretty cool to do it with all twenty sets (or however many SJ Games has made now).