7:19 pm, Friday, August 17th, 2007

Welp, I’m in the Tri-Cities again. Brett came along this time. I’m here to take care of my parents’ animals while they’re in New Mexico delivering a puppy to my uncle’s family and visiting my paternal grandmother.

My back felt much better this morning; still got some odd aches in my right side, but at least I can tolerate sitting for more than a half-hour now. We drove over around 1:00 PM so I could make a 4:00 appointment my dad made me with Dr. Redfield. I don’t really understand this chiropractic stuff, or trust it much for that matter, but he seemed to know what he was doing. He asked me to come back tomorrow afternoon, which is awfully nice of him considering he doesn’t normally work on the weekends.

I think we might all go out in the boat tonight. I hope so; it’s a lot of fun and it’d be helpful if I’m to do it myself on the weekend.

BTW, this is my new favorite drink: The Arnold Palmer. Starbucks makes a great version with black tea. I could down like five “venti”-sized cups of this stuff in one sitting, no joke.

Starbucks iced venti black tea lemonade

(Image from this entry at chris’s blog.)

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  1. Krunk:

    Lemonade and Black Tea. That’s a very weird combo. I’ll be sure to try it out next time.

  2. Krunk:

    Btw, just to let you know, chris’ blog prevents hotlinking, so for people who don’t visit his blog first, the image won’t load.

  3. hjo3:

    Re: chris’s blog: I never hotlink (it’s unseemly and risks the actual owner switching the image to something gross) — you probably caught me while I was switching the image from the 320 px-wide version to a 440 px-wide version.

    Re: drink: Yeah, I was little skeptical at first — afraid it’d taste like Brisk (ick) or something, but it’s way better.

  4. hjo3:

    Also: Comments within 5 minutes of the post being published? Holy cow, Krunk, you’re fast! :)

  5. Peter:

    They actually sell cartons of Arnold Palmer beverages in supermarkets.

    BTW, down here, this drink is called a “Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade.” Awesome stuff.

  6. Tim:

    You know what is another awesome combo?

    Rootbeer and Fudge-peanutbutter Icecream.


    (Also, new site, Hank)

  7. hjo3:

    Re: Peter: Huh, so they do! Have you tried the “official” Arnold Palmer Tee brand?

    Re: Tim: Cool. I updated my sidebar (DGR-X out of webcomics, Tim into blogroll). BTW, I signed up for your mafia game. And that rootbeer concoction sounds like it would kill me. :P

  8. JediBear:

    Arnold Palmer, eh?

    In general, I just steer clear of Starbucks. Aside of being primarily a cofee vendor, they just give me a bad vibe generally. And then there’s the disgusting pretensiousness.

    I’ve had good experiences with chiropracty. They put your joints where they’re supposed to be and then you feel better. It’s neat. Just don’t believe the hype about it doing anything else at all. Good for pinched nerves and sore joints and precious little else.

    We might be doing Karaoke tonight. You have anything in mind? Give me a call.

  9. amy:

    arnold palmer = classic. haven’t tried the Starbucks version yet, i have to agree with jedibear for the most part on that one. i also have to agree with him on the chiropractics. on a related note, i haven’t had to see a chiropractor since i started doing yoga.

  10. hjo3:

    I’m a little surprised anyone considers a ubiquitous chain with cheap, plastic cups and drive-thrus pretentious. The coffee houses in Seattle are pretentious — Starbucks is pretty pedestrian IMHO. The people that make such places their “hangout” can be tiresome, but I only ever use their drive-thru so it’s not a problem for me.

    BTW, Robert, we’re going to do some board games later today — I’ll give you call.

  11. Tim:


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  15. amy:

    happy belated birthday hank!

    about the starbucks i guess i meant i dislike their vibe of corporate yuckiness and cheap nasty coffee. their pretentiousness is non-existent in comparison to the urban-hipster coffee bars (or “cafe” as they like to call it) of the bay area. *rolls eyes* i can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go with out my favorite soy chai latte to avoid running into stupid hipsters i go to school with.

  16. hjo3:

    Thanks, Peter, Tim, and Amy!

    Re: pretentious coffee: Ahh, I see — yeah, I can jibe with that sentiment.