11:58 pm, Saturday, July 28th, 2007

I found an awesome review-blog for physics-oriented games: Fun-Motion. I spent a few hours today just going through their archives watching videos and trying out different games. Toribash, a turn-based fighting game in which you control every move your character makes, occupied quite a bit of my time but I still suck at it. It took me a long time just to figure out how to punch and kick. I still haven’t figured out how to regain my balance after moving only one limb; at best I can brace with my hands and avoid getting disqualified for floor contact when I fall.

But the main reason this post is so late is because I decided to buy Chronic Logic’s Bridge Construction Set. I zoomed through the easy and medium levels (save one thorny spot involving heavy steel) and am presently working on hard level #6. (It’d be so simple if I had access to any materials besides iron.) This game is super addictive; maybe moreso than Armadillo Run. (I’m still stuck on level 46 of AR, BTW. I made a little progress, but I can’t figure out a platform solution for the right side.)

BCS reminds me of Sid Meier’s Railroads! somewhat. I think it’d be really cool if someone combined the two — a train management sim where you had to design the tunnels, bridges, overpasses, and so on. Maybe make it about monorails or something so as to avoid the tedious train upgrade process and set it apart from all the locomotive-intensive environments. Ooh, and put it on Mars — the noctis labyrinthus has great terrain for this sort of thing.

Brett and I came up with what seems to be a pretty easy way to clean the kitchen — we each wash, dry, and put away five dishes and three utensils per day while keeping our dinnerware usage to a minimum. Between us, that’s 16 pieces of stuff cleared off the counter every day. At that rate we should have all this stuff done by next Wednesday.

Fun fact of the day: Cory Doctrow calls VapoRub “minty chest-sauce.”

2 Responses to “#880”

  1. amy:

    i love how you have turned the dishes into a strategy game.

  2. Chuk:

    Dishes: sounds like it’s time to sign up for Chore Wars With six people eating in our house, doing dishes that way would take approximately six weeks, I think.