11:23 pm, Friday, July 27th, 2007

Brett and I split a 16-piece basket from Wingers for (a late) lunch. I think their takeout is actually cheaper than the stuff you order in the restaurant. Too bad it doesn’t come with celery sticks.

I saw The Simpsons Movie today. I was expecting something very mediocre, but it was actually good. I don’t have much to say about it except that I was surprised that they did some “edgy” stuff we’ve never seen in the series (Shin Chan-style frontal nudity, one-finger salutes). It hardly seems risqué compared to what’s been shown on Family Guy, South Park, et al.; I guess it just had extra shock-value because it was the Simpsons. It made me remember a time when the show was actually considered irreverent — back before it was forced into relative gentrification by competitors more willing to trade modesty for ratings.

It wasn’t quite Clerks II-funny, but I found myself grinning hard for minutes at a time in places. The audience was extremely enthusiastic. It really seemed like everyone there had grown up watching the show like I did.

I started playing Armadillo Run again. It’d been a good six months since I’d last played it. I was stuck on level 36 for an eternity and just kind of gave up. But after a lot of experimentation, I finally came up with a solution: It turns out high-tension rubber is the key. The tricky things about this scenario are that, one, it’s a void level (so you don’t get any clues at all) and, two, sooo many strategies almost work on it (fabric pulleys, carefully timed/balanced gravity-driven “boots” to kick the ball along a surface, etc.).

Armadillo Run: Level 36 solution

Once I got past that level the next eight went by very smoothly (except level 43 — its miniscule budget is hard to work around). Now I’m on another void level.

Incidentally, I learned about a kinda similar game via wikipedia: Bridge Construction Set. It looks really fun. Why aren’t there more physics/sandbox games like these? Anyway, I DL’d the demo but haven’t tried it out yet.

My Charles Stross book finally showed up. Criminey, Amazon sure took their sweet time with that shipment. Oh how I envy Ung and Krunk with their awesome Amazon Prime memberships.

Okay, I’m gonna take an antacid (Wingers gave me wicked heartburn) and watch an ep. of P&T:BS before I go to sleep.

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  1. Krunk:

    Amazon Prime is amazing. It’s nice that you can “share” it with “family members”.

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    I wonder what’s up with these comments.


    up up and away?

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    Looks like it could be the email address it doesn’t like.

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    De-spammed all of these. Maybe it is the email address…

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    Or maybe your IP was flagged for some reason. Can you post via web proxy?