9:57 pm, Thursday, July 26th, 2007

It’s the 26th, so I’m in the Tri-Cities today (and tomorrow till 8:00 AM) for payroll stuff. I did some awesome Excel-fu with OR functions nested into IF statements to avoid a salary pay rate change. I can’t go into details, but it’s pretty cool. The way I have stuff set up now, the entire payroll process can be done by running two reports and entering like forty values. It’s a big improvement.

Looker (my 14 year-old corgi) has been showing some weakness in her back legs, so I brought her home with me so my dad and sister could take a look at her. Apparently she has some severe degenerative joint disease (arthritis) in her right hip. (You can see it in her X-ray below — it’s the gnarled-ness of the ball and socket joint on the left.) She also has some minor spondylosis (some kind of back thing), but it’s not a big problem. I’m supposed to double her Rimadyl dosage and start giving her Tramadol for the pain in addition to her usual glucosamine tablet.

Looker's hip X-ray

Despite all these problems she still acts like a happy puppy when I talk at her or walk around with her in the backyard. She runs circles around you if you act excited and dances in a funny way when she knows food’s coming. She doesn’t act anything like the old dogs my parents have had (they were weimaraners though). Based on this alone I’m sure she’ll make it to 16 at least.

My parents got a new boat. IIRC, it’s 19 feet long and has an open bow. I haven’t seen it without its cover on, but when I come back next week we’re gonna take it out on the river. You know the Kennewick/Richland side of the Columbia has a few restaurants with docks? You can just pull up, tie the boat off, and have dinner.

Okay, my laptop’s battery is dwindling. I’m gonna go read my Berkeley Breathed collection and go to sleep.

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  1. Mom:

    Let’s 14 X 7 equals Looker’s age in human years. So the funny dance must be pretty darn funny for an old gal like her. I think I’m reading your Berkeley Breathed book, someone left it in the reading room, oh and Thank you.