11:55 pm, Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

You know what’s a good song? Roll to Me by Del Amitri. You know their name was originally Del Amitri Rialzo back in the 80s? I think Roll to Me sounds like a slightly lazier BNL-ified version of Accidentally in Love.

Finished Fables vol. 9 and 1001 Nights of Snowfall. [Incoming spoilers, BTW.] Holy cow, Snow White is badass! Tracking down and murdering each of the seven dwarves that raped her even though it was likely to spark war between the two kingdoms? That totally changes how I thought about her character. But I guess it makes sense that almost every fable has commited at least one terrible act in their amazingly long life spans.

And who would’ve guessed Frau Totenkinder was born in frickin’ caveman times? I knew she was old, but that dates her, like, tens of thousands of years. I s’pose that detail is pretty neat, but I was a little disappointed that they told her story at all. Her enigmatic past and motivations were probably the coolest things about her. Did she murder (eat?) children for fun or for arcane purposes? It was more interesting when we didn’t know.

Regarding the art, I hate when they switch to anyone besides Mark Buckingham. Especially when the substitute is Michael Allred. Allred has no idea how to convey the characters’ personalities — Mr. North looks way too kindly, Ambrose looks nothing like he’s supposed to, Bigby looks like a wide-eyed Tom Cruise… I wonder if he even read the whole run before sitting down to draw his issues. His treatment of Pinnochio is particularly maladroit. Compare this sample (sorry for the quality; I was too lazy to get the scanner out and I couldn’t seem to get the lighting to work with my camera):

Fables: Buckingham's Pinnochi vs. Allred's

Last night was the season finale of Kathy Griffin: MLotDL. What’s with this show only having 6- and 7-episode seasons? Anyway, this one was very funny. Maybe even funnier than the prison episode. Really made me dislike Andrew WK though. Who else could be that full of himself as to put on a one-man show with absolutely no plan or talking points?

I had a KFC famous bowl (mixed with a small mac n’ cheese) for lunch today and it was awesome. You know they have a white gravy version with biscuits now? I’ll have to try that next time.

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