9:59 pm, Saturday, June 30th, 2007

4chan/ck/ is always good for a few roffles. I particularly liked this Top Chef thread from last night.

Hung/crawfish 4chan/ck/ post

For dinner tonight, I’m planning to grill some steaks, make some Pillsbury biscuits, and steam some zuchinni (and make broccoli with cheese for Brett since he doesn’t like my favorite vegetable). Might get some fajita stuff (onions, skirt steak) for Sunday as well.

I want to make some tiramisu, but I don’t think the local Safeway will have ladyfingers and marscapone. But we did these sopapilla-like things in the deep-fryer a few days ago and they were pretty tasty, so I might just get stuff for those.

The herbs are coming along well. I guess they got a little dried out; we’d gotten used to not watering them since it’d been raining a lot. You can really see the progress they’ve made since the pics in #836 were taken.

June 30th - Herbs

Not a whole lot going on this weekend. I tried playing Lunar Knights on the DS. I wasn’t impressed; it looks like a computer game from 1993. The menus are especially hideous. That’s not something I usually think about, but when they’re ugly and dated-looking you really notice. But Advance Wars continues to be awesome (I’m on Mission 16 now).

I’ve got a bunch of eBay auctions to create, so I guess I can get started on those.

Hummm, what else? My shirts arrived from Amazon today. Well, two of ‘em did, anyway; one color was out of stock. They’re these “Pigment-Dyed 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Tees” from District Threads. I love how they look and feel. I wish they had a Texas orange one, but olive green is almost as good.

8 Responses to “#852”

  1. Tim:

    I am making one of those Soap Mouses.

    Also, hehe… herbs..

    Oh, and Geometry Wars for DS and PSP. It’s a good thing.

  2. hjo3:

    Re: Geom. Wars: I’m looking forward to it. You don’t have, like, a leaked ROM or anything, do you?

    Re: soap mouse: Awesome. Post pics when you’re done!

    Re: herbs: Pfff, I’ll be the one laughing when I’m enjoying my salmon with the freshest possible dill! :P

  3. Peter:

    Grilled zucchini > *

    A pinch of salt, some cracked pepper, and olive oil…so good!

  4. amy:

    ooh pigment dyed nice! just wait till fall hun, all the trend reports are saying your texas orange will be hot, hot, hot!

  5. hjo3:

    Re: Peter: Right on. I just put kosher salt and butter on mine. Haven’t tried grilling it yet.

    Re: amy: Hah, awesome — that’s my favorite color. Why is pigment-dyed good? Does that make it resistant to fading or something?

  6. JediBear:

    did you just use a plural nominative form of “ROFL”?

    I may have to hurt you for that.

    You should probably post once on your Xanga site with a link here.

    Also, I should really set up my own blogging site, so all of my friends don’t have to join Xanga to comment. Also, so I can backtrace everyone’s IPs.

  7. hjo3:

    Hey, language is a mutable, ever-evolving synthesis. “Roffles” only adds to that beautiful tapestry. (And acronyms are ugly.)

    Re: Xanga link post: Good idea; just did it.

    Re: blogging site: For sure. If you join the AnandTech forums, there are a couple users that give away free webspace to other members (like 200 MB storage, 5 GB transfers/month). Then all you have to do is get a domain name ($9) and you’re set. I think at least one of them has one-click installs for WordPress/Joomla/etc.

  8. JediBear:

    Ah, I actually have some webspace at Neonshadow.net that I’ve never done anything with.