11:53 pm, Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Got a bunch of awesome stuff in the mail today. First, this letter from Carl’s Jr. thanking me for my feedback. (I sent them a short note via a form on their web site praising the excellent service I got from this lady named Mary at their Kennewick/Columbia Blvd. location a few weeks ago.) They included two coupons, each redeemable for a free Famous Star™ or Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich™. Very nice of them.

Carl's Jr. letter and coupons

Also received today: My 1 GB Micro SD card from Buy.com. I actually got this thing for less than free, not counting shipping; it was $10.95 on their site, but using Google Checkout dropped that to 95¢. Plus Kingston was offering a $3.97 rebate for the date that I purchased it, so in the end I’ll have actually made $2.61 from the purchase (that’s including the 41¢ for the stamp to send in the rebate form). Well, not really cuz shipping was six bucks, but still, a 1 GB Micro SD for $3.39 all-said-and-done? You can’t hardly beat that.

And what was the Micro SD card for? Why, my new R4 DS slot-1 flash cart! It’s the exact same size as a Nintendo DS game card, but you can stick a Micro SD card in it and play a whole bunch of ROMs. This is the easiest “mod” I’ve ever seen for a video game system. No soldering (like you have to for Xbox modding), no complicated file shuffling/firmware flashing (as with a PSP), just this ridiculously simple procedure:

  1. Plug Micro SD card into computer.
  2. Copy over one 700 KB file to the root directory.
  3. Copy over any ROMs.
  4. Stick the Micro SD card into the R4 cart and plug that into your DS.
  5. Turn on DS.

It’s literally that easy. Here’s a picture of the kit plus one of the DS screens showing the ROM loader interface. Unlike PSP ISOs, which are around 200-300 MB each, NDS games are usually only 32-64 MB in size, so you can load up a whole bunch of ‘em at once. In the picture below you can see the 14 games I threw onto mine. (And I still have like 200 MB free!) Just awesome.

Nintendo DS R4 kit, plus 1 GB Micro SD    NDS ROM menu in R4 UI

Big Brain Academy is much more fun than I thought it would be. And Advance Wars: Dual Strike is soooo much better on the DS than the original was on the GBA. That game really needed two screens.

Micah got kicked off Top Chef last night. I didn’t like her much, but I really wish Sara had gotten canned instead. I can’t believe the other contestants tolerated her swearing at them in the kitchen over trivial stuff… I mean, if someone I barely knew–who had no more right to be there than I did–told me to “GTFO of the way” I wouldn’t just quietly obey and roll my eyes. Oh well, she’ll get hers soon enough.

6 Responses to “#850”

  1. Peter:

    That’s cool that Carl’s Jr. is still offering free coupons for leaving feedback on their site. I remember doing that almost ten years ago, and I got those same two coupons.

  2. Chuk:

    That DS thing is awesome. I love micro SD cards, my wife got a free 1 GB one with her phone.

  3. hjo3:

    OMG, right? I can’t believe these Micro SD things — they remind me of the first time I saw flash memory in the mid 90s; I was so amazed they could fit 4 MB on something the size of a large postage stamp.

    Anyway, the R4 is a must-buy if you have a DS. It’s only $40-45.

    Your wife’s lucky, I only got a 64 MB card with my Razr cell phone.

  4. hjo3:

    Re: Peter: Heh. You know Arby’s does it too? And they give out coupons for free combo meals.

  5. Chuk:

    We got the R4 and it is truly awesome. We had to copy over a few more files and folders than you did, but still very simple to set up. The kids love Cooking Mama, the wife is trying different Sudoku games, so far I’ve only done a little Kirby Squeak Squad (I meant to just check it out, finished the first world before I looked up) and some Spectrobes.

  6. hjo3:

    Hah, awesome! Congratulations!