10:57 pm, Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Alright, I’m back in Pasco, blogging from my parents’ air conditioned RV. I sleep out here when I come to visit because their cats make me sneeze and get congested if I’m in the house for too long. It’s pretty nice out here… cushy mattress, good lighting, lots of windows. I can understand why some old people live out of their RVs after retirement.

Aside from doing payroll (which was a PITA this month and involved large quantities of my special brand of Excel-Fu), I’ve been playing Dungeon Maker. I recently discovered a recipe that increases my MP stat, which prior to today had been stagnating at a pitiful 124 (which is only equivalent to, like, 12 castings of Fireball). I’ve built the room for the 2nd level boss, but I don’t want to face him until I’ve had a chance to buy some more spells and eat some more meals. It’s weird that the monsters in this game have levels but the hero doesn’t.

On the way here I listened to Patton Oswalt’s new CD, Werewolves and Lollipops (thanks, OiNK!). Very, very funny. He reused at least one bit from his last CD though (the one about pushing an uncooked Cornish game hen through some gray drapes, IYKWIM), which was kind of annoying. His stuff about writing screenplays was fantastic though.

I also listened to Norm Macdonald’s Ridiculous CD. It sucked. Only three of the thirteen tracks were funny. When I downloaded it, I thought the CD was all standup but only one track is like that. The rest are these ’90s-SNL-style skits. I don’t know why he does that lame stuff; his standup is great. I loved his first HBO comedy special. Oh well.

Have you seen this MDI “air car”? I just heard about this today on the Clark Howard radio show. It’s a car that runs off a tank of compressed air. Apparently they’re already being used in India and Mexico City (as taxi cabs, IIRC). The stats on the thing are pretty impressive; it has a range of 125-185 miles and only needs an oil change once every 31,000 miles. It’s like an electric car, but without the expensive batteries that become less efficient over time.

Okay, I’m going to bed. Gotta get up at 6:00 AM tomorrow.

2 Responses to “#848”

  1. JediBear:

    pneumatic car? That’s genius. Someone explain to me why I didn’t think of it.

  2. hjo3:


    Yeah, right after hearing about it I was like “Oh, well that’s kind of an obvious way to store energy.” I wonder how efficient it is to “charge” a tank compared to batteries…