7:13 pm, Monday, June 25th, 2007

Holy cow, Finley’s out! Pretty major shakeup — I would’ve bet money that he’d be in the final two. But I guess anyone can forget. I’ve come very close a couple times this year myself. Thanks for competing, Finley.

These summer classes are brutal. Everything’s condensed, so the assignments come at you one right after the other… I had to give an oral presentation today and now I have to write a one-page paper and present it tomorrow. Ugh. The presentations are supposed to be three minutes long, but some of these people just drone on and on and on. One guy got up there today and spent twenty-four minutes talking about absolutely nothing. The teacher was too polite to can him after ten minutes, but it was obvious he hadn’t done the assignment; he was just making stuff up on the spot. You know that feeling you get watching The Office when a character is embarrassing himself so badly, but he’s not even really aware of it? That horrible mixture of shame, revulsion, and schadenfreude that washes through you? That’s what this was like. For twenty-four minutes.

Anyway, I was so nervous about my presentation that I barely slept last night. Three hours tops. So I think what I’ll do tonight is go to bed at like 8:00 PM, get up at 4:00 AM, and write my paper. Then tomorrow, immediately after class, I have to drive to Pasco to do payroll for the clinic. I’ll probably sleep there and drive back to Pullman at like 6:30 AM on Wednesday morning. Boy, that’ll be fun.

I finished redesigning my first floor in Dungeon Maker. I decided to plot out everything on paper first; got out my T-square, some highlighters, and went to town on some 11×14. Here’re the results:

Dungeon Maker 1FL design on paper    Dungeon Maker 1FL layout in-game

Okay, gonna try to sleep.

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  1. hjo3:

    Forgot to mention: Floor rating: 119 points.