11:21 pm, Thursday, May 31st, 2007

So I emailed Jones to see how he’s doing in Castlevania — the goon is already up to level 40! In his reply, he wrote:

Sir my mastery of C:PoR is beyond fracktacular. I’m level 40 and just about done with Dark academy. also I beat the vamp killer whip and can use it with extreme prejudice.

He beat a whip? Aaaah… I’m so far behind. Though I’ve progressed quite a bit since my last post: I’m now level 28 and trying to kill Death on the Great Stairway. He is one tough mofo. 4,444 hitpoints, according to GameFAQs.

(Tangent: Don’t you like the way Jones writes? This is why I miss his IMBC participation. When you can actually get him to blog, he’s very entertaining.)

So last night’s dinner was pretty weird. We made these rice ball things Brett had seen on Iron Chef plus some chicken teriyaki. The rice balls were made with steamed basmati (probably not the best choice for this application since it’s not very sticky), whole kernel corn, bacon bits (from ends & pieces), and a couple eggs. Then we rolled them in panko and fried them in bacon grease. Fairly tasty, with a weird (but pleasant) crunchiness.

I’d never made chicken teriyaki before, but it didn’t seem like it could be very hard. I seasoned and baked some chicken breast, then sliced it up on the bias and covered it with a simple sauce made from teriyaki, white sugar, cornstarch (in water), and a couple spoonfuls of honey. Took on a beautiful translucency and viscosity after some aggressive simmering.

Chicken Teriyaki and Rice Balls

We had a lot of left-over rice ball mixture at the end. Because it had raw egg in it, we didn’t really want to eat it in that form. So I threw some in a bowl, covered it with grated Cojack, then threw in the rest and covered it. Two layers of cheesy goodness. Baked at 350°, plus a little time on broil to give the cheese on top those great dark spots. Produced a pretty good casserole.

Oh, and here’s a picture I took on my way back to Pullman early Wednesday morning. I think this was on WA-26 about 15 miles before Colfax.

WA-26 near Colfax


Kirk or Picard? Why?

Sisko…? Okay, okay, Picard, if I have to choose between those two. He was so dignified. Plus his series is way more watchable than TOS. But Sisko has ‘em both beat. He ascends to godhood at the end of his series, for crying out loud. What’d Picard do? Dip his hand in the primordial ooze? Big whoop.

BTW, Peter’s been reinstated in the IMBC — see the main site for details.

(Wow, I finished a post before 11:50 PM!)

2 Responses to “#822”

  1. Mom:

    OOOOhh, so early for you. What did you do? Set an alarm and get up early. Do we see a trend starting or a mear flash in the pan.

  2. JediBear:

    Have to agree with Sisko. I find it impossible to choose between Kirk and Picard. I like each for his own reasons and wouldn’t trade either in on the other.

    The Explorer or the Diplomat? That’s like asking me to choose between the Mage and the Face. Just can’t (or shouldn’t) be done.