11:58 pm, Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Argh, another blog entry I put off till 11:17 PM. Oh well, I’ve done them in less time than this.

I was pretty busy today. Did a Kinko’s run, the payroll corrections, helped a lady in Finley create her first eBay auction (which kind of included a crash course in image editing), and met with a couple in Pasco to discuss making a web site (and registering with various FSBO directories) to help them sell their house.

The various trips and errands did give me two ideas of things to blog/complain about, though. Number one: I hate the Comic Sans font. God, it’s ugly. When I was at Kinko’s I saw this lady having flyers made for her church — the page showed a big cross in front of a multicolored sunset, surrounded by text in Comic Sans. Some of it was even rotated 90° to follow the vertical edge of the graphic. Hideous. Plus I just looked up the church’s web site and they’re Catholics. I dunno about you, but I never would have picked them as the sort to commit such a fontular faux pas. Didn’t they invent that badass Old English font?

Fontular, BTW, is my neologistic kludge for a word that desperately needs coining.

Number two: Air pumps at gas stations never work. Never! It seems like every Shell, Conoco, or Chevron I go to has a “free air” machine, but none of them produce more than about 20 lbs. of pressure. Even the pump at the Pullman Safeway, the one that costs 75¢ to use, barely inflates to 35 lbs. And the one I tried to use today at the Road 100 Shell station wasn’t even six month old. Why can’t anyone build a reliable air pump? Or maybe they can but every petrol company is just too cheap to install them.

Thing #97 that I miss about Federal Way: Ernie’s air pumps always worked.

And yes, I know I should just get the slow leak in my front-driverside tire fixed. I’ll get around to it eventually. I just hate going to repair shops. They try to rip you off almost as much as doctors do.


Has any TV show had a profound effect on your life? If so, which TV show, and what was it? If not, is there a movie or other work from a different entertainment medium?

Great question. I can think of songs and books that have had a big impact on how I live and think (Be As, Flowers for Algernon), but it’s hard to come up with a TV show. I mean, like, I think My Name is Earl has some really fantastic messages in it, but I don’t think they’ve changed me. And most of the shows from my childhood were utter crap — I’d hate to meet the person who says Cheers or Full House influenced the major decisions in their life. Oh, I know; maybe Frasier. Not in any huge way, but it sort of made me realize it’s okay to be interested in stuff most people don’t like. I’d expound on that, but it’s 11:57.

9 Responses to “#820”

  1. amy:

    by the skin of your teeth sir!

  2. hjo3:

    Yep, but I made it!

  3. Krunk:

    Is there a reason you’re not just investing in an electric air pump? They cost about $20 and you don’t ever have to visit one of those machines ever again.

  4. hjo3:

    Huh — honestly, I didn’t know they were that cheap. The only ones I’ve ever seen in person were the heavy duty ones my dad uses for nail guns and the clinic uses for anesthesia; units that cost upwards of $200. But lo and behold Amazon has one that plugs into a cigarette lighter, supposedly produces 250 PSI, and only costs $12.99. Amazing. Thanks, Krunk.

  5. Mom:

    Now wouldn’t you say this particular media has had a profound influence on your life. I thought it was just for entertainment and now Krunk has given you possibly life changing information. Just think you may not end up with a flat on that lovely piece of highway between here and Pullman. So your up to 97 things you miss about Federal Way. Do you miss the crime rate or the road congestion?

  6. Peter:

    Hey Hank,

    I’d like my IMBC “epitaph” to say “Screwed over by Blogger’s timestamp,” if you don’t mind :P

  7. JediBear:

    As much as I might hate to admit it, I think Mister Rogers, Square One, and Reading Rainbow had an important effect on me in my formative years. Actually, I’ll also admit to a strong influecne from MacGuyver and even Star Trek.

  8. Mom:

    At least it wasn’t Barney

  9. hjo3:

    Re: Peter: Check your email! :)

    Re: Robert: Oh, I hadn’t even thought of the shows I watched as a kid! Yeah, Mister Rogers was a big one for me too.