11:55 pm, Monday, May 28th, 2007

I thought I’d lost my camera today, but it turned out I’d just packed it in a pocket of my luggage that I don’t normally use. Dunno what I was thinking putting it there. More CRS.

I got Google Apps set up for the clinic site — it’s pretty awesome; your users get the Gmail interface and storage, but their address is whatever@yoursite.com. Plus you can admin their accounts in different ways, like creating aliases that redirect to their address, changing passwords, list management, and contact sharing. It’s not hard to set up; you just have to verify domain ownership by uploading a specific file to your site’s root directory, then alter your MX records to use the Google server. You can even set this up for domains that are just mirrors (which is fortunate, because that’s what I needed). Anyone want an Upsidaisium.com Gmail account?

Perhaps my favorite bit is that you can replace the Gmail logo with any GIF or PNG so long as it’s 143×59 px. Here’s what the clinic’s radiology account’s inbox looks like:

Google Apps - AHOP

I know my logo doesn’t look very good, but I was lazy and the only people that will see it are the staff.

So last night Jones and I ran to Walmart and I got a DS and a couple games — Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Kirby: Squeak Squad. I got the black DS, which I now regret since all you can see when you look at the shiny exterior are smeared fingerprints. They really should have made the black one with a matte finish. But the only other choices were white (Apple-y looking and identical to Jones’s) and pink (which I thought would be too girly). In hindsight, I wish I’d swallowed my pride and gotten the pink one. Oh well, I bet someone sells covers or something for them.

Most of you probably know this, but it came as a surprise to me: You can play some multiplayer DS games with only one game card by uploading some stuff to the card-less DS(es). It’s pretty much automatic and only takes about a minute, if that. We must’ve played like four hours of Mario Kart DS that way. I believe the score at the end of our last session was me 219, Jones 193.

Mario Kart DS is best played while listening to comedy albums. We went through Christian Finnegan’s new CD, then switched over to some comedy SHOUTcast server (BCN, I think?). Good stuff.

Okay, I’m getting really close to the deadline, so I better post this. Still have lots of computer stuff to do tomorrow, though the clinic stuff is just about wrapped up.

4 Responses to “#819”

  1. amy:

    very close indeed. btw, i think your logo is adorable!

  2. Hecatomb:

    Had you bought the pink one, I would have mocked you mercilessly at every opportunity :)

  3. Chuk:

    Hey, I have the pink one! Of course, I also have 3 daughters. I was a little worried my son wouldn’t like it, but he’s colourblind, so he thinks we have the grey one.

  4. hjo3: