2:55 am, Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Okay, I’m writing this tonight because I know I’m going to be pretty busy tomorrow. Normally, I’d just leave it till the last minute but we’re going to be gaming and it’s not uncommon for such activities to go past midnight. I’m not sure when we’ll start, but it’s going to be me, Jones, his friend Steave (or Steve — I can’t be sure which is correct since Jones is sometimes a very creative speller), and Bobert if he’s available. As per Jones’s request, I’ve laid out a micro-campaign that involves dragons and valkyries (though probably not in ways most people would expect).

Let’s see what’s in the imageboard/random directory tonight, hm?

ST:TNG Friends    ST:TNG crew in pot-head hats

That first Star Trek/Friends mashup made me LOL IRL. For some reason, Next Generation photochops almost always make me smile. I think it must be because I used to follow the show so seriously (when I was in the 9-12 range), but the vast majority of the episodes seem so ridiculously dated and corny when I watch them today. Like, what was the deal with Counselor Troi’s wildly non-regulation uniforms?

Blimps and a castle-ish thing    Flying monster and ship

What are these from? As they say on the imageboards: Sauce? They look cool.

Beowulf with Grendel's head    ADA McCoy, comic book style    Videogame Spaceship

And, finally, Beowulf carrying Grendel’s head, Hang-’Em-High McCoy (from Law & Order) comic-book-ified, and what I think is a screenshot from Homeworld 2, possibly with a little after-capture digital touchup. Man, I’d forgotten how beautiful Homeworld 2 is… I need to dig out my old copy.


Bread (white or wheat, etc.)

Wheat, usually. I’m also fond of focaccias and anything with pine nuts baked into it. And banana bread is always awesome. But anything’s good as long as it’s fresh. Nothing’s better than a chewy, crusty loaf just out of the oven with a little sweet butter and honey. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Reminds me of the bread my mom made in our Dutch oven on a camping trip we took to Conrad Meadows back in… must’ve been 1994 or ’95.

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  1. Krunk:

    (in zombie voice) BREAD…. BREAD… ;p

  2. JediBear:

    Sorry I couldn’t get away last night. :(